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Today, my fiancé and I had a fight over household expenses. He's never had a job in his life, but this didn't stop him demanding that I get another full-time job to pay for video games and beer. FML
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Sparkiee93 3

Don't put up with that shit OP, dump his lazy ass!


YDI for marrying the lazy slug in the first place... what did you think would happen? Tough guys really aren't that cool when real life kicks in...

She's not married to him.. it's her fiancé

so.. she still WANTS to marry his lazy ass.. ydi op for wanting to marry a loser..

If he has never had a did he buy you, your ring? Did you buy it for yourself? ******* P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. Find a MAN and drop this little boy.

JennaMason 6
ashtonTS 0

You people have to remember that a lot of these FMLs are either completely attention getting falacies, or they are just totally embelished. So not take this FML seriously. There are some people out there who would act like this woman is claiming her fiance did...but you are only getting the woman's side. She could have either seen things differently than him and heard things differently, she could be seriously eembelishing things, or she could just have no life and is trying to get some attention and appear to be in a bad spot right now. Just consider this.

munyarl 0

So you're engaged to a jobless loser and you're moaning about it online? FFS woman, YDI for saying yes.

I'm guessing she would have to pay for her own ring lol

Video games and beer are obviously better than both of them.

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ctlnaaia71 8

maybe shes so ugly that thats the best she can get!

bthomas0319 2

wait how do you have two full-time jobs....?

he's never had a job? you stayed with him and supported his lazy ass no fml here it's your own damn fault!

8r4d1ey 0

204 work a day shift and then a swing or night shift

geez, how many names do you have?! lol

haha you shouldn't be so serious about a loser, its your fault, and if its bad enough to say fml than you double deserve it for not dumping his butt.

-8- actually tough guys are still as tough? and how is he tough if all he does is play video games n drink beer? not tough guy. don't go labeling people cause you"ve had a problem with them. we work just as much as any other guy.

laorks 0

Not if she's constantly cheating on him behind his back

not sure if you notice but you got something in your eye

AsianCookie247 14

^ hahaha I was thinking the saammee thing

not if the looser needs her to support his lazy ass

and thats why shes paying for his stuff? ... think dude


It's funny if you think about if the OP were a man, and it was a woman asking to be supported with her laziness everybody would be like "So?? Be a man and take care of her!" Apparently the world is convinced that men were made to serve women, whatever, you're all a bunch of tools.

Been that way since the beginning of civilization, Wolfey, it's not changing anytime soon.

IrishSoulja 4

FYL for being with him but seriously dump the sad loser!!

If he had money, why would she need a second job? He just sounds like a loser.

Having two full-time jobs would be all consuming, but there is enough time in the week for it (especially if you give up having the usual two day weekend).

Don't know that she's ugly, necessarily - but I've seen quite a few women put up with behavior like that because they thought themselves were ugly. Often the partners involved encourage that thinking and do their best to destroy any remaining self esteem. OP might want to think hard whether she *really* can't do better, or whether that's a thought which her fiance is implanting.

Jaykayfu 0

50 . You sound arrogant as hell .

I sound arrogant 'cause I told this dumb bitch how pathetic she is? Two full-time ******* jobs to support a lazy ******* ass? Even if the roles were reverse and this was a males 'FML' I would say the SAME ******* shit. Women haven't spend the last 50 years rising above the homemaker name for another dumb bitch to make us seem like feeble minded homebodies. How pathetic of a ******* man does it take to tell his WOMAN to go out and get another job to support his ass? Has he already given up his balls? They aren't even married yet. For ***** sake.

rubyesmer 0

your own fault for putting up with this so called man you should respect your self better ditch his ass ASAP

toad396 0

what u pot for about me is a prostets motto

tweetbaby14 18

she obviously likes losers.

#56 yea totally, so losers get pussy too

Most losers get pussy unfortunately. Women need to raise their standards.

meowmeowwkitty 0

is this an episode of "16 and pregnant?"

some women already have high standards, but in the end they just end up with assholes who end up cheating on them or just complete D-bags. So, sorry to say, but I guess you ladies are stuck with "losers" anyway. although since most of the time it's the guys who are living the life as they want to so I guess it'd really be women who are the "losers". truth hurts....

SmittyJA24 26

The OP is, obviously, desperate & without standards. To accept a marriage proposal from such a worthless (unemployed) loser is prima-fascia evidence of this. Some women will drop their panties for anything that comes along.....

how do any of you know he's not at college?

toad396 0

no they take what that can get like a care deller

toad396 0

Doesn't matter. I got my first job at 14 and worked all the way through college. Even if he was really lucky and able to pay for college without working, demanding that someone else pay for his luxuries is completely unacceptable.

Sparkiee93 3

Don't put up with that shit OP, dump his lazy ass!

why the efff are you withh his sorry ass?!?!?! hes a freakin loser, and your gonna get MARRiED to him. whell thaaat says alot bout you.

I think you need to clean your keyboard. The keys seem to be sticking.

Sticky keys are no excuse to her using your instead of you're. :/

vixen10 1

get rid of him now while u can!!!

horridromance 7

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Do you really think that the OP even WANTS a husband like that?

YDI for even being with a man who has never had a job. Do you think he'll suddenly get one and start providing for you and your future family when you get married? He won't. You need to leave him, you deserve no sympathy.

Absolutely! You married a lazy moron, now you have to live with it or get a divorce.. Either way stop complaining

Exactly! Why would you date a man, never mind get engaged to him, if he's never even had a job. I'd like to know what thoughts ran through her head.

dump his ass! what a lazy bum! if he is healthy enough to play games all day and drink, he can work!

YDI for letting him sit on his lazy butt all day while you work full-time.

TrollsHaveSouls 0

YDI for not making me a sandwitch bitch

AntoshaChekhonte 6

I know love conquers all or some shit like that, but why are you with a guy who's never had a job? I mean, if he was loaded enough not to need a job, I guess I could see it, but if he expects you to pay for his stuff he's obviously a broke ****. DTMFA. Dumb bitch.

Praise yourself lucky that he's not your husband yet and dump his lazy ass.