By Catherine - 10/06/2012 18:11 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I confronted my husband over the fact that despite me working two jobs to support us for the last three years, we're nowhere near our goal of buying a house. He actually had the brass balls to defend pissing my money down the drain on his ceramic cat collection. FML
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darien987 1

What a selfish asshole.

Because he's not manly enough to have balls of steel.


darien987 1

What a selfish asshole.

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godisnowhere41 5

The cats can keep you company when you're homeless

arkumx 3

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tjv3 10

OP YDI for letting him. Make a stand and tell him no more.

zee00 7

I'm pretty sure I would have never married anyone who collects cats

You got yourself a hell of a man... Yeah.. Man...

22cute 17

Separate bank accounts!

ly0ntamer 1

Sounds more like he's the wife

Why is everyone down voting 66? He has a good point.

Totally agree with 66

I make more money then my ex husband and save better as well. It's actually usually the woman who is better at saving and budgeting. The fact that he thinks men are the only ones to make money is why he is being thumbed down.

Tell him that if he wants to keep collecting cats, he should get his own job to pay for them

66- so true I don't know why people are voting you down.

I've heard of old cat ladies, but this?

A grown man with brass balls that collects ceramic cats is a bit.. eccentric.

He's an old cat man :)

I guess you could call him the.... Catdaddy. I'm sorry, I'll leave now.

Because he's not manly enough to have balls of steel.

TheEpicMilkMan 13

wheres Duke to kick some sense into this man when you need him?

Duke's busy chewing some bubble gum.

TheEpicMilkMan 13

but I thought he was all out of gum? :o

If I were you, I would take a baseball bat to all his ceramic cats and show em who's boss!

Considering OP needs the money I think selling them is a better option.

JOcoco 14

10 - so true especially since she's working two jobs 5 - for some reason I read that as 'take a baseball bat to his brass balls' XD

DontClickOnMe 28

So, if he's pissing your money down the drain, does that mean he doesn't have a job? Maybe you should encourage him to try and find a job.

JOcoco 14

Then he can piss his own money down the drain

citymayer 7

Exactly! I was like aww heeeeell no my husband would not be wasting money on damn ceramic cats.

darien987 1

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darien987 1

I didn't know this posted twice ha.. Sorry.

He's compensating for you not being there.

Yeah, but ceramic pussies???

Nah, she should sell them. She'd at least get some of the money back for the house.

^ this was supposed to be a reply to someone, just ignore it.

Steel? Fuck that, balls of thunder is where it's at.

Maybe these cats are a good investment, but something tells me they aren't. Someone needs a lesson in money management