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Today, my husband admitted to me that he has a mental block about touching my boobs, because he's afraid that breast milk is going to spurt out at him. I had my son 5 months ago and I don't breast feed. FML
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Tell him you have a mental block against him touching your vagina, because the last time he did, a nine pound person shot out if it.

I don't even know how to comment on this... I've heard of a milk fetish before but never a phobia of breast milk...


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At least he will know what it feels like to get shot in the eye with white stuff *wink wink*

that is so funny

#30- yes it does!

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so (assuming) he likes drinking milk from a cow but not from his wife? come on man

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there are so many things that can be passed on through breastfeeding. I was born with a thyroid condition. There is a small chance that the meds I am on for life can be passed through bloodstream and breast that means no organ donation, no blood donation and no breast feeding. i once had another mother accuse me of being a bad mother for not BFing my child. i asked her if she thought it was more prudent i kept her alive or lived up to the nazi-type indoctrination of you must only breastfeed. idiot actually said if it was only a small risk i should have breastfed. *rolls eyes* anyway, you cant judge people for not doing so, because you dont know their situation. and, as to the proven research etc that breastfed babies are smarter? My child is top of her class, at a top school, in the highest ability class of her grade. they give her harder work, and i have never pushed her in her life. she is also healthier than almost any kid i know. if there is incoherency - apologies...I am SOOO sick right now. reading fmls for laugh....laughter being best medicine and all.

Just what I was gonna say.

Well its not really white LOL And lactating is sexy! And its cute!

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Many of you must not be reading up on breastfeeding your babies... Yes, everybody now understands some can't for certain medical reasons, toxic milk, HIV, ect. But on the overall average, people tend to be more intelligent when breastfed.

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She may have breastfed, but her son is 5 years old and weaned.

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Oops sorry - I just re-read and saw the kid id 5 months, not 5 years. Still, there are plenty of reasons not to breastfeed - it may not be possible for her. No need to get in someone's face about it.

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#1 took the words out of my mouth.

hahahaha yum yum! I think I'm going to give my babies my tit milk through a pump and not from my boobs. I mean...what if it feels good? 0_0

children who are beast fed do have a higher IQ the kids who are not.

also all the antibodies passed to the child is amazingly beneficial for the child.

#120 - Selection bias. The reason for not breast feeding probably is the cause for lower intelligence in bottle-fed babies. for example if a woman doesn't breastfeed because she has HIV, she is probably stupid and passed on stupid genes. If she wasn't stupid, she wouldn't have HIV. Also the number 1 reason women don't breastfeed is because they are selfish. Probably also too selfish to help a kid with homework.

#132 brings up a good point. There are definitely a lot of woman that do not breastfeed for selfish reasons, i.e. they want to drink, do drugs, it hurts, they don't want it to mess up their boobs. Those are definitely along the more selfish reasons. I could see how mother's like that could definitely skew the results of IQ in their kids. I really doubt the breastmilk is what makes the child smarter...I think a lot of it has to do with genetics and how they're brought up Breastfeeding is definitely a choice, and it's not the easy one. From what I understand it can be rather painful and uncomfortable at times. Yes, there are some great benefits such as the immunities passed on from the mother to child in the first 6 months, but you can also get those elsewhere. There are plenty of reasons women don't breastfeed that are not selfish. Sometimes, the baby can't latch on. The mom could have an illness easily passed through breastmilk. Sometimes babies that are in the NICU and can't be held are put on formula right away. There are times that the mom has a major complication and isn't available to breastfeed. Oh, sometimes a big one is reflux in babies, and they need to have a soy based formula to help it.

exactly, i'd just tell him that i was afraid to touch his dick for the same reason ;] ;]

I wasn't breastfed and I'm perfectly intelligent. kind of insulting really, to assume I'd be smarter if I'd sucked on my mum's boob rather than a bottle.

Not all babies in the NICU are put on formular, I had breast milk via a naso-gastric feeding tube, formular would probably for if the mum couldn't express milk for some reason...

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"Beast" fed? LOL.

#163: That's why I said sometimes.

132 WTF, so if someone gets HIV your stupid? you can have sex with ONE person and get it, even if you used a condom! or you could be born HIV positve! in most cases you do get it from being promiscuous but still shut the fuck up and don't say if you got HIV your stupid.

umm Tarynkd? if th OP gave birth to the child and had HIV, even if the baby wasn't breastfed it would have HIV. HIV is also transferred through the blood and vaginal fluids which the baby would definitely come in contact with during the pregnancy and delivery. and for all you people stating that breastfed infants end up smarter, that's not neccesarily true. I was adopted at birth so I've never had breast milk yet I have a clinically proven IQ of 143, which is like semi-genius or something

Not breastfeeding because it hurts is a selfish reason? do you have kids? have you breastfed? Have you ever had a baby not latch on quite right? It hurts!!! I breastfed my first for only two weeks. Having come down with hives because of medicine I was on. 3 days later, I was dry. Second baby I breastfed for three months, then, being a single mom, had to return to work, and was having no luck with four different kinds of pumps. Tell me I'm selfish because I tried everything. My kids are happy and healthy and will love me regardless of whether I breastfed them or not!

breast feeding is only painful if you dong get the nipple in enough!!!

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ur supposed to breastfeed until two years old.

your not cool. your a fagget retarded bragged that needs to kill your daughter and make a dumb one so we can have another pizza delivery girl because lots of pizzas places are hiring.

When I was a baby, I was deathly allergic to breast milk. Obviously my mom is horrible for not breast feeding me.

actually breastfeeding reduces the chance of getting breast cancer

NickPaulson 6

If she has HIV she shouldn't be having unprotected sex and making babies which can also get HIV through birth

kitkatmiaow 21

Bullshit... I wasn't breastfed and my IQ is very high...

That's none of your business though

I don't even know how to comment on this... I've heard of a milk fetish before but never a phobia of breast milk...

Yeh most guys I know would find this kinky.... That guys messed up aye.

yep when my wife was milk laden I sure didn't mind helping out. that milk tastes real nice.

seriously #1, ydi for not breast feeding. ass

guckylynn 19

Breast feeding builds up your childs immune system and helps prevent so many allergies. Its good for you.

Only the colostrum passes on immunity to a child, and that doesn't last but so long...

YDI for not breast-feeding.

I could see that lol. If I was a guy I think I might be worried about that too for a while. Or I guess I would be afraid of my husband touching them for a while after.

breast feed the baby selfish biatch

Tell him to face his fear and Motorboat you! That should allay any fear he has, Doesn't he drink cow's milk?

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Tell him you have a mental block against him touching your vagina, because the last time he did, a nine pound person shot out if it.

#9, that was the LULz right there.

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you actually made me Laugh Out Loud!!

that should settle it, and I know this was a win bcuz even snick said it was a win, no offence to snick..

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@9 Total win, dude! That made me lol.

Haha, #9, why are you so cool?!

I wish you could favourite comments. Because this one was just amazing.

Yes, I think it's a reasonable fear.

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hahaha. yes. sadly he did die :(