By greeenbean - 2/10/2009 10:41 - Samoa
Today, I was woken up by the massive earthquake in Samoa. I went downstairs to discover that all the hotel staff had fled and abandoned the hotel guests. I was left to run up to higher ground on foot. It was a three hour hike. By the time I got to a safe spot, the tsunami warning was lifted. FML
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  Zhejan  |  0

Water you waiting for? Everyone knows it's important to make a splash when you first meet people. That way they'll soak up to the idea of your company. Do that, and they'll never leave the hotel without wetting your whistle.

  Untoxicated  |  0

you people just fucking stupid!
The FML system finds automatically where the post has been posted from! you can find internet everywhere, asia, europe, russia, africa, fucking iraq has internet you dumbfucks! so why wouldnt Samoa?!

  MimiKnox  |  0

This is no survived. Much worse could've happened to you....Hundreds died, many lost their homes, families and friends during the earthquake. All you did was hike up a hill. Millions of children have to walk miles to fetch water for their families in bare feet a few times a day. Stop complaining.

  shadow_woman  |  2

Actually fat people do float better (not meant offensively as I am also big). It's the piece of bread floating while a bread crumb would sink idea at work here. Also, just because someone is big doesn't mean they should die. Skinny =/= nice. Weight says nothing about the personality or intelligence of a human being.

Please, DO NOT turn this into the anti-fat-people arguement. I am tired of trying to teach some middle-schoolers, who don't eve belong on here anyway, that physical appearance means much leaa than they think (no offense to any middle-schoolers who are not doing this). For any adults leaving comments like 'the fat people ahould die' or 'YDI for being fat/ugly/hideous...or go exercise' REALLY need to GROW UP. Fat people are discriminated against every day, and it is the only form of discrimination allowed. Do not tell me this is untrue unless you have spent years as a bigger person and have had no negative comments about it.



I agree! I'm not fat, but I'm bigger than your average if that makes sense? And I still get funny looks at topshop and other clothes shops for being above a size 8...(uk size, not US)
it's ridiculous.
I just thought logically that a heavier person would sink more easily...

  spartan_girl  |  0

fat isn't very dense (especially compared to muscle), which is why "fat people" float more easily than "skinny people". I don't think surface area:volume ratio has as much to do with it as the actual density of fat vs. other body components

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Typically, I don't care how someone looks if they are comfortable with themselves
But typically, people do nothing but BITCH and WHINE about their weight, whether they're fat or not, and that pisses me off to no end. Shut the FUCK up and EXERCISE if you are having such a problem (or, JUST EAT, on the opposite end).
Also, I hate when people are too fat and too skinny. There are definite indicators when you are just completely unhealthy (everyone's unhealthy in some fashion, but I'm talking about just ungodly so), and you should do something about. Don't say "you just hate me because I'm fat/skinny!" you are UNHEALTHY. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I will have zero tolerance and sympathy for you then.... It's not being a jerk then at all, not being discriminatory either.
In fact, how the hell is it in the first place? You're too big or too small for a REASON, which is usually a BAD one, unlike anyone else who can be discriminated against who are who they are for no reason they can do anything about (race, gender, orientation, disability, etc). Unless you have an eating disorder, and I mean you literally do and are just being stupid, then there is nothing to discriminate against except your unhealthiness. And no, some disorder that causes you to gain/lose weight faster or the like is no excuse, because those can be overcome. Not always easily, but it just takes a little effort either way... I lose weight easy as hell, in fact I've accidently lost 15 lbs between March and last month. Am I going to go on a whine-fest about it, or make lengthy posts about how "you're just discriminating against skinny people!" ? No. I'm going to find a way to get myself back into an good eating groove.
But again, in my personal opinion, as long as you're happy with yourself and you aren't morbidly obese/a skeleton, then I've no beef with you.

And that's my two cents.

  simoneie123  |  0


...why is this an FML? oh no, you had to hike to SAVE YOUR LIFE. god, get over it. you're living, and now you got yourself a workout. my gosh, be grateful you didn't die.

By  XOfiestypixie  |  0

Wow, I just learned about this last night in my geology class. They shouldn't have warned the people (or only warned the people directly in the earthquake zone), since the earthquake was too far down in the ocean/plate to cause enough vibrations to create a tsunami, and the more inaccurate warnings they give, the more likely people are likely to ignore a real one.
But I agree with #6, be happy that there wasn't a tsunami and that you're still alive and well. The other earthquake nearby (that was just before this one) ended up causing a tsunami because it was really shallow for such a high magnitude.

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

"the tsunami warning was lifted" therefore there was no tsunami where the OP was. Don't call me a dumbfuck if you can't read the FML properly.
There was a tsunami at the location of another earthquake that occurred very soon before that one.

  trulyinsane  |  0

dumb cunts. there were two eartquakes. one in Sumatra and one near somoa and american somoa. the person was probably on the northern part of somoa, which is why the warning was lifted. the southern part was struck about an hour and a half after the first warning was sent.

By  jonny1878  |  0

so youre still alive, depite the fact that you didn't get to a genuine safespot in time?
yes this is totally fml =| consider yourself lucky that you are still alive after a massive earthquake rather than complaining about hiking 3 miles to find your safe anyway