By Indianagirl94 - 29/10/2012 22:22 - United States

Today, I was woken up by my husband attempting to breastfeed off my lactating nipples. FML
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SeniorHaG 4

I guess your baby is hungry.

He just wanted a little midnight snack without having to go all the way to the fridge.


SeniorHaG 4

I guess your baby is hungry.

1, apparently OP has at least two babies now. I've been told it doesn't taste good at all so I will never try it. I don't know why people do.

bandeek 30

I was told that my breastmilk tastes good. It's sweet.

#27 ~They try it out of curiosity, of course. I sure as hell would!

It does taste good! Kind of like cantaloupe melon! And another makes "play time" hot as hell!! ;D

I've heard it tastes a little like melted vanilla ice cream.

Have you changed his diapers OP? He might get cranky if you don't. Yeah apparently breast milk is sweet.

58, I've heard that also

StalkerChick 13

Don't judge me, but I tasted mine. It's pretty sweet.

The flavor of each persons breast milk depends on diets, their body, and the person who is tasting it.

seyrose 8

that sucks. *runs for cover and hides*

He looked like a right tit when she found out.

Tell him he has his own white stuff.

He's just making sure it doesn't get on the sheets.

You taste good, take it as a compliment.

KiddNYC1O 20


Has your husband just watched 'Weeds" recently?

Hmmm...try offering him a sandwich instead.

bonsaiboy26 1

A sandwich lol I like that

iOceanus 18

47 - Who doesn't like sandwiches?

UncleMuscles 5

Or offer him some Nesquick to go with that.

I approve of this message!

He woke you up with that?! what a noob!

A boob noob, perhaps?

CharresBarkrey 15

A boob noob indeed.

A bewb newb.

He just wanted a little midnight snack without having to go all the way to the fridge.

So, he's a food-taster. You know those lads who check food isn't poisonous for important people. He was obviously doing it out of love for your baby... Nah, actually, it's just a wee bit weird, to be honest... Tell him to get to the kitchen and pour himself a glass!

Why on earth would you want to get up out of your warm bed, walk across the cold floor, scuff around for a clean glass, be blinded by the light in the refrigerator, and gingerly pour a heavy milk jug into a glass without spilling, when you can stay in bed and drink straight from the tap!?

Breast milk contains more vitamins than cow milk! He was just trying to be healthy!

Such accurate details

ImYoursAlways 3

Why would he get up to get something to drink when he's got milk in bed? Just kidding, that sucks that he woke you up.

You're right about being woke up, but it doesn't suck that he sucks. Boobies are awesome especially when you add milk.