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Today, I found out I have a new allergy: the sun. My face is so swollen that it has started to bleed to relieve the pressure. Today is also day 6 of the 3-month European trip that I spent all year saving for. FML
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I don't understand how this can be a NEW allergy. how did you not know before? have you never gone out into the sun at all? I'm thinking you're allergic to something else, especially since you've travelled to a new place.

So when did you recently become a vampire?


I don't understand how this can be a NEW allergy. how did you not know before? have you never gone out into the sun at all? I'm thinking you're allergic to something else, especially since you've travelled to a new place.

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Allergies can develop at any time. I know someone who is severely allergic to the sun and needs special clothes as a result.

Sure, it's not unusual for people to develop allergies to something they had no problem with before. My mom developed a peanut allergy in her late 40's and she's still bitter about it. ;) But reactions this extreme? OP most likely has been exposed to something new while traveling. A sun allergy that severe would have made itself know before now.

your body can randomly start a new allergy. just like you can grow out of allergies.

Maybe she started taking a new medication that causes photosensitivity.

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No people can actually be allergic to the sun. And sometimes your allergies don't come up until later in life. I didn't find out I had allergies till I was in my late 20s thankfully, I'm not allergic to the sun, just everything else found in nature.

You can get allergies later in your life. I didn't have any allergies for 25 years, now I have hay fever.

So when did you recently become a vampire?

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It's those damn European vampires man

Not that sunny now, but wear a hat and get a good sunscreen with Mexoryl. Contact your Doc at home for advice, &/or see a local Doc; medical care is inexpensive in Europe. Sounds scary, though, take care of it quickly.

I advise that you see a physician for confirmation, but this sounds like a possible case of late onset or acquired porphyria (porphyria cutanea tarda) ... If it is PCT, iron chelation or phlebotomy are the generally preferred management, although some medications can also be used ..:

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It could always be worse! You could be attending burning man. The irony in that can’t be understated.

Europe should be ok. It’s dark and dank there. I guess we won’t be seeing you at Spring Break in Florida, the Sunshine State.

It is incredibly dark here, I've just spent a week in the North of Sweden and the only darkness is at 2am and then the sun starts rising again.

Did you perhaps use a new sun block you may be allergic to and hadn't known? Otherwise, if it's really the sun, ouch, I hope you find a solution.

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Bahhh, you just need to get your body used to the European sun. Go to a nude beach for a day and you'll be fine.

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First world problems? OP didn’t complain about getting a cappuccino instead of a latte. You’re going out of your way to be an asshole.

People who prioritize their spending habits to save for something they want doesn't make them rich even if that includes going to Europe. You just sound like a douche who spends all of his money then complains that he doesn't have any.

Being able to afford a three month trip after saving for only a year is pretty rich to me. Save up enough in 12 months for a 3 month trip? Dunno about your definition of rich, but to me if 1/4 of your income is disposable you're rich.

it s still a fwp, saving up for 3 months vacay and then whining they can't enjoy it due to sun. Most normally average hard working people have a vacay of a week or two max. A hotel can be hundreds, rent a car can be hundreds, food drinks, essentials add up. Plane ticket can be hundreds or a thousand. Simple math. Again, that would be only for maybe a week or two stay. Now imagine 3 months. Talking 5-10k. At least. Now on topic, I used on be on a medicine that clearly stated avoiding the sun, even doing so, small exposure would case a red rash and feeling of burning. With life, obviously you can't avoid the outside completely. I got off it and the issue stopped OP,if you're on any new meds, check that. Having a natural sun allergy without other cause is insanely rare