By Party Pooper - 25/05/2015 01:59 - United States

Today, my housemates are throwing a huge house party to celebrate finishing their finals. It's 4:30am and people are still arriving. I have my last final in 3 hours. FML
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Wow, that is extremely inconsiderate. They couldn't wait a day?

Should have called the cops on them for disturbing the peace


Wow, that is extremely inconsiderate. They couldn't wait a day?

Time to put on the noise canceling headphones and keep studying OP :) good luck on the finals.

Noise cancellation only helps with music noise. not if people are screaming and partying.

You clearly don't know what noise canceling headphones do do you #6

MzZombicidal 36

But... They're NOISE canceling...

TrippyEyes 16

well then obviously screaming and partying isn't considered noise

as someone who has studied the physics of sound, expensive and nice noise cancellation headphones will cancel any sound. cheap ones, however, might not work as well.

They work great on airplanes. Cuts out the loud engine noise.

Put in some earplugs. That always works for me. If it's too loud even with earplugs, FYL because that sucks.

Should have called the cops on them for disturbing the peace

The cops were there, but unfortunately for OP, those cops were also strippers.

is it wrong if i say "MAGIC MIKE!" and no, I'm not gay.

@46 Referencing a popular film means you're gay now? You learn something new every day! OP- that's beyond inconsiderate of your housemates. Hope you did well regardless! Congrats on being finished with your finals now.

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They couldn't have waited a day to celebrate it with you??? ohhhh I'd be so pissed, I'd go to the library that's open 24 hours or something and study/sleep there

Someone please tell me where I could find one of these 24/7 libraries? I've never heard of a bookstore, let alone a library open all hours of the night.

#45 A bunch of college campuses typically have at least one library that stays open for 24 hours to accommodate it's students. However, that's for the colleges in my area, and needless to say, isn't everywhere! :]

lalundsten 16

You should sleep outside or something, or move out! Or refuse to pay rent if they make you fail your exam!

@ 8 Two things: 1- You are quite attractive 2- Your logic for OPs issue...well, there is a lack of it.

You find her attractive and you don't give her a like/****? How rude...

Very inconsiderate. If you can't beat 'em, may as well join 'em

Yeah, let's join some inconsiderate idiots, and get smashed, then go to a final, drunk. Good one.

Did I say get smashed?? Nope. Get your panties out your ass. I'm just saying to make the best of the situation because 1 person against a party isn't going to get them anywhere. Society these days.....,,

MzZombicidal 36

Joining them would still not benefit anything and from the sounds of it, OP gives a shit about their final. How stupid would it be to party the night before?

Come on people! How realistic is it that they have to sit there and listen either? They clearly aren't leaving to go somewhere else

The point they are trying to tell you is what you're saying doesn't make sense, it's illogical. The whole reference of if you can't beat me join them is it will benefit the losing side. This would in no way benefit OP

Always trying to prove a point. I get that, I'm not stupid. Like I said, just make the best of a BAD situation

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you guys should've had some rules about how long the party should last and a cut-off time for late arrivals.

Hope you do well OP...maybe you can leave and study where it's quiet

Did you talk to them before hand cuz if they knew about this that's beyond a dick move.