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@46 Referencing a popular film means you're gay now? You learn something new every day!

OP- that's beyond inconsiderate of your housemates. Hope you did well regardless! Congrats on being finished with your finals now.

By  nonsensical  |  26

They couldn't have waited a day to celebrate it with you??? ohhhh I'd be so pissed, I'd go to the library that's open 24 hours or something and study/sleep there

  UH60  |  26

#45 A bunch of college campuses typically have at least one library that stays open for 24 hours to accommodate it's students. However, that's for the colleges in my area, and needless to say, isn't everywhere! :]

  gearhead369  |  20

Did I say get smashed?? Nope. Get your panties out your ass. I'm just saying to make the best of the situation because 1 person against a party isn't going to get them anywhere. Society these days.....,,

  russfml  |  31

The point they are trying to tell you is what you're saying doesn't make sense, it's illogical. The whole reference of if you can't beat me join them is it will benefit the losing side. This would in no way benefit OP