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By Anonymous - 03/09/2009 17:05 - United Kingdom

Today, I awakened from my peaceful slumber in a great mood. I walked into my closet, ready to pick out an outfit for the day, to find my two year old daughter, kneeling on the floor with a pair of scissors in her hand, cutting up my wedding dress - my wedding is tomorrow. FML
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CraziOne 0

Where would you put scissors that a two year old can get them?

brrrx 0

What kind of mother are you leaving scissors sharp enough to cut a wedding dress within reach of your 2 year old!? Not to mention...where the hell was the garment bag?


cyooty 0

Aw :( Don't worry, I'm sure you can find something to wear.

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Well if it wasnt for *****, you wouldn't be here. =P

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mushrooms_fml 0

Anyone calling her a **** is a complete idiot. The baby is probably her fiance's. The only way you can call her a **** without being a moronic hypocrit is if you're a virgin.

suki987 0

How do you know the baby wasn't from a first marriage? Stop assuming shit.

YDI for not using the correct verb form, it's "I awoke"

tyhillman 0

haha ur 2 year old daughter with scissors n all u care bt ir ur stupid dress wtf is wrong with ppl

nerdgrl128 0

number one: how does having a child make her a ****??? dumb ass comment #1 number two: how do u know whether or not she's marrying the father of her child? my parents didn't get married till i was 5, most likely she waited until he asked her so its his fault for taking so long. number three: the child is two years old...why the fukk would she be in a crib? the father/fiance could be there so it would once again be his (or whoever else was watching the child) fault. Dumb ass comment #2 and like someone else said: anyone on here saying this person is a **** for having a child out of wedlock, u have no right unless u still carry the V-card. that rele sucks about ur wedding dress, hope there isnt too much damage and u can get it fixed

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Please tell me how you are assuming the daughter if her fiances when she clearly states my daughter my. Not be fiances daughter not my future daughter but my daughter.

YDIforbeingu 0

#111- I think when people say her fiance's daughter, they mean it is her daughter with her fiance. Not his daughter with someone else.

the_stereotype 0

For all you know, she could be widowed. Anyway, I was going to say YDI for putting scissors within your two-year-old daughter's reach, because she could have poked her eye out or not putting something as important as your wedding dress somewhere safe away, but really, you don't deserve having your wedding dress cut up. Hopefully you can find a tailor in the morning.

elisa_sanchez91 0

Okay, my opinion: YOU SHOULD WAIT UNTIL AFTER YOU ARE MARRIED TO HAVE SEX and that OF COURSE goes for having kids! Yes, I feel that the OP is not only a ****, but absolutely STUPID for letting her 2 year old play around with scissors and/or not knowing about it! Horrible mother ;; horrible role model. YDI!!!!

#132--Having your own opinion is fine, but that doesn't really justify calling someone a ****. That's just immature. And yeah, it's probably not the greatest idea to leave scissors where a two-year-old can get them, but some two-year-olds are crafty little things. It probably only took a little bit of searching to find them. Still, though, I guess they could have been high up, locked away, or something. And why is everyone saying she deserves it for taking a nap? It says she woke up ready to pick an outfit for the day, which probably means that she was waking up from a night of sleeping. Did anyone ever consider the possibility that the two-year-old got up before OP? Stranger things have happened. Geez. What a mean bunch on this section.

dirtybird2212 0

well not everyone is a dried catholic bitch #132

Wow. It's awesome to have opinions and all, but how do you know the child isn't from a previous marriage? People do remarry, you know. It isn't exactly unheard of. Calm down, honey. There are things out there far worse than unwed mothers and two year olds who are smart for their age.

americayay 0

#138, you're a shit for that offensive comment.

Dude, this is not the place for text-speak.

poeticpunk77 0

And I'm sure you're perfect, right? Get off your moral high horse, jerk.

alliemi 0

don't apologize, your comment was hilarious. it's funny to see people take it so seriously. i laughed so hard when i read it.

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I think that people should wait until their bodies have finished developing (meaning, after puberty is finished or at least nearly done) before they think about children. Engaging in sex goes with that, only because contraceptives don't always always work. I don't care about the sex as much as the having children, though. I only think of that because underaged (and underaged meaning "still developing") mothers have a lot of complications due to their own hormones still spazzing in general, let alone now that they have a developing fetus, and their hips aren't fully developed (usually), and of course the mothers have a lot of other things to deal with too (school, for example). Meaning, I feel it is actually an endangerment to mother and child to try and have children before you're done growing. I guess it sort of makes it a moral issue, sort of not. However my ideals are baseless, made completely from what I think sounds logical, so obviously who the **** gives a shit what I think. However, I don't believe this is the OP's case. If it is, oh well, no use bitching about it and ostracizing her now; child's already here and apparently, since mom can afford a wedding dress, is well taken care of. Unless it was her mother's... which means her mother approves and so child is still in good hands, but that just makes it more of an FML.

Or even more likely: They are already married but only had a courthouse wedding and then saved up for the big thing. I've been married for 1.5 years and we haven't had our big wedding yet, we just did a courthouse ceremony.

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All of you people who are saying that the OP is a **** because she had sex before marriage are idiots. Not only because we don't know if she was previously married, but also because there are plenty of people who had children after marriage and abused them. For example, my mother had me and never married my father, and I'm perfectly fine living in a safe, nice house. However, my friend's mother had her after she was married. This friend has been abused. So you all need to shut up because all families are different these days, and if you don't like it, you need to get over it. OP, it sucks that your wedding dress got ruined. You should have put it in a safer place, but still, FYL.

liveBabylon 0

really...OP just give her up for adoption I would **** bratty babies

So, just because she used the wrong verb (probably because she's too upset about her dress to think about it), she deserves to have her (probably expensive) wedding dress destroyed? I mean, I hate it so much when people mess up on grammar, but wow. Harsh.

Kel_x 0

OMG! LOOOOOOL! That made me laugh so hard. "dried catholic bitch" xD

sdawl 0

Your fault for three reasons. 1. For having a kid before your married. 2. for leaving a 2 year old child alone like that. 3. for leaving scissors where a 2 year old could easily reach them. i am 14 and i am already a better parent then you.

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

WTF is wrong with some people. sucks about ur dress. smack that kid

you can actually use both forms interchangeably, as with dreamt/dreamed, learned/learnt, even spoke/spake (archaic but technically correct). so before you go grammar-naziing you might want to check your facts (but i fully appreciate the irony of this sentence given that "naziing" isnt actually a word). as for all of you calling her a ****, well, if your opinion is that you shouldnt have sex outside marriage, thats fine and you can do that with your own body, but dont expect to be able to instruct anyone else to do that with theirs, because thats their decision. personally, i think you should have sex whenever youre mentally and physically mature, and have kids when you know youre in a stable relationship and in a position to competently raise a child. marriage often makes this more likely only because theres theoretically less likelihood of a marriage breaking down than an unmarried relationship (and thus more stability for the child) since marriage is meant to be confirmation and validation of a relationship, but obviously thats not always how it works, some people oppose the institution of marriage or are just confident enough not to feel that they need the church to validate their love. and since given

...(continuing from previous comment) and since given

peoplearestupid7 1

#314: if you're 14 and already a parent, then how do u have any right to say that she deserves it for having a child before she's married when you did the same thing?

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#132 like someone else already said. She could be a widow, or maybe divorced. You can't just assume she's a **** or had sex before marriage

261 yea you look like someone who would **** babies

You would **** babies? If thats not what you meant, try using grammer.

addiizcherry 0

Um, you can go to hell. I think it is slutty to have sex with alot of people and have a child before engaged. Now its juat my opinion but you can **** yourself kay?

Obviously she doesn't let her two year old play with adult scissor, she was asleep. Read.

Oh, and are you a virgin then? If not you can't call op a ****, you can't call op a **** anyway- because people are entitled to have sex whenever they want, with however many people they want.

CraziOne 0

Where would you put scissors that a two year old can get them?

tehukiso 0

This was my first thought. Maybe you shouldn't take care of children. Not your thing, evidently.

thats what im saying, ydi on the grounds of sleeping while letting your 2 yr old child near sharp objects/scissors.

akshar 0

FIRST, WHY would u have scissors ANYWHERE near where a two year old can get em. Second, why would u keep ur wedding dress anywhere where your 2 year old can get em.

but 2yr olds are crafty *****... they would pile boxes, get the scissors, run in mommy's room, jump and open it just a smidge, slide their fingers in the crack and pull it all the way open, jump and pull down the pretty dress.. I would wear the remains with pride, saying "My daughter helped me with this dress, and I love everything she does to try and make me happy!" and my tuxedo would look rediculous, knowing my nephew (since I'm 14 and don't and WON'T have kids at this young age, I am using my nephew as an example)

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audiophileMom 11

My thoughts exactly. The OP deserves a lot worse than a spoilt wedding dress.

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cyooty 0

It could be her fiancé's daughter! Or maybe she had her daughter in a different marriage that didn't work out.

AndelleRae 9

Step out of the 50s, my friend.

elisa_sanchez91 0

That shouldn't change anything! So are you saying that in the year 2009 all women are *****? OP did it herself! Her fault...

Actually the opposite. Listening to comedians and married men around school, they complain about their wives not having sex enough.. with them at least ;D I made a joke!

133, you just completely missed the boat. when we say "it's 2009, not the 1950s" we mean that we don't call women who have premarital sex *****. AND we don't ASSUME that women like the OP who already have a kid before their wedding day are automatically ***** because there could be other reasons. (previous marriage, for example) your comment proves your ignorance. stop judging people you don't know.

biznib 0

I declare Shenanigans and Bamboozlement. This FML is a FAKE!!


THIS is why i have so many gripes with organized religion. because it produces types like this, who will assume and call the OP a **** and a sinner when, no, none of us knows the whole story. what if she's a widow? so all you bible-whiners out there just STFU and get with the times. you're spewing out antiquated, unnatural, lopsided views on things you don't even really know about, based on something that there can be no certanty of being true. and all of you who take the bible LITERALLY can just go die in a fire now, because people like you are the exact reason that people are turned off from religion. if one single person starts up about ***** like her are the reason we aren't in Eden still need to go hang themselves from someplace ironic, like their church. Immediately. Not joking here. so, before you even come out with a retarded statement like that, just snap your keyboard in half, get some rope, and go for it. (and anyone who wants to counter with, 'wouldn't you feel horrible if someone actually did this because you made them sad?', no, i wouldn't feel even a little bit bad, because A) they were mentally and emotionally fragile and it would've been inevitable, or B) I would have just discovered my latent superpower, either of which I'm more than OK with.) OP, I will say this, YDI for not keeping your kid under control or making sure she was supervised...count yourself lucky that your wedding dress was the only thing she cut. YDI for underparenting, for sure.

I love the people who read the bible and live by the principles. Love thy neighbor as thyself anyone? Not these old biddies who "read" into the bible that god hates ANYONE not exactly like them and therefore they should not have to be civil to them nor follow the 10 commandments. I'm not religious but love the real principles they teach, not the hate that so many cowards have made religion into.


exactly, 299. people have made scripture into a bigger thing than (at least what I believe to be) it's original intention. I figured it was like a moral guideline, not a history lesson. y'know, do good things, good things will eventually come of it. be a good person and don't steal. don't kill. etc. these people who are all "YDI for being a ****" are probably the same ones that don't believe in evolution, because that's not covered in the bible. let me tell you all something. there's been more hyprocasy in organized religion than anywhere else in history. there's no sub-division under "thou shalt not kill" that says it's ok if it's in the name of god, or to eliminate non-believers. but in the crusades, the pope himself was beheading people left and right. so don't anyone say shit to me about having premarital sex. or to anyone else, for that matter,

i agree. look at the highschoolers today. Not ALL of them are *****... i dont think so anyway...

Jesus Christ, teach this person some logic. How old are you, 80? Its called Cohabitation, and having children before being married is perfectly fine, and marriage is not for everyone. Some don't see the point in a big ceremony to show they love one another. My parents aren't married and have been together for 25 years. And I turned out okay. I think :)

Calliekinz 0

So what if she ain't married? She can have a baby if she wants to. NOBODY deserves to have their wedding dress cut up the day before their wedding.

it's not seriously that bad.my mom had me a year after I was born

juliaispink 1

Dude its just FML get over a few comments stop gettin so worked up

brrrx 0

What kind of mother are you leaving scissors sharp enough to cut a wedding dress within reach of your 2 year old!? Not to mention...where the hell was the garment bag?

Agreed and agreed. What smart person does this?

Oh, right, because a garment bag would've been SO helpful in defending the wedding dress from scissors.

You're questioning OPs parenting because her two year old got hold of scissors? The two year old is probably smarter than you then. My cousin isn't even 2 yet and he pushes the dining chair along and climbs on the work surfaces. If he stood up he would be able to reach into the top cabinets. Where do you want OP to put them? On the roof?

CraziOne 0

How do you know she got knocked up? How do you know she wasnt previously married and her husband died?

Bob31_fml 4

why wasn't anyone watching this kid?

That's not a good reason to not be watching a child. She clearly shouldn't have been asleep while her two year old was awake if she didn't have a sitter! Do you know how easy it would be for the child to choke on something or cut her fingers off with those scissors she was playing with? I think this woman should be reported for child negligence.

"Pick an outfit for the day" suggests that she was not taking a nap. She was probably waking up from sleep in the morning.

nerdgrl128 0

most likely, if she is getting married THE NEXT DAY, she lives with her fiance....and he could have easily been watching the child and she wandered off. so it would be his fault. if not, 2 yr olds are crafty mother fukers. My sister crawled up out of her crib and ended up in bed with me, i have a loft bed, which means she had to climb a ladder, while she was 2. Little kids are smart. Alot of you people are so quick to judge. Take care of a 2 yr old and see how much shit they get into then comment.

#194, is it AT ALL POSSIBLE that it could have been night time and the child was asleep, so the OP went to bed? And that maybe the child just woke up in the morning before her? Or do you expect the OP to stay up all night staring at the kid the night before her wedding? My lord some of you must have no brain whatsoever, it angers me to read all these ignorant, hypocritical, dumb-as-hell comments. I don't know why I decided to come back and check the comments on this FML again, all that I get out of it is elevated blood pressure.

usnwife 18

My kids are 1 and 2. It's called baby-proofing. A simple gate across the door to their room and making sure there is nothing that can be used as a stool. Not to mention I am such a light sleeper with kids (as is every other mom I know), no way in hell I could not notice my 2 yr old leaving his room, finding scissors, opening my closet, and cutting my dress. It's either really bad parenting or fake... Yeah, 2 yr olds are smart, but it's the parents job to be smarter.

How did your two year old daughter get hold of a pair of scissors and cut up your wedding dress? Is she trying to tell you not to marry this man? YDI