By Anonymous - 17/06/2011 21:14 - Canada

Today, I woke up early to prepare for my graduation party. I'd invited the entire graduating class of 2011, and tons of people confirmed that they were going to come. Two hours after the time I'd told everyone to show up, I'm still the only one here. FML
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Maybe they all went to an official graduating class party nobody told you about. It's everyone else's graduation day too, you know.


That's not always true.. people could show up late? FYL, though.

this is what happens when you invite people through the internet, they weren't asked specifically so they felt it was easy to flake out. oh well.

awww that sucks. maybe they forgot... but that still sucks fyl

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maybe u put the wrong date? or time?

Haha thats what you get for being a stupid ******* canadien. And by the way tell the vancouver canucks (Roberto Lulongo) that the bruins said thank you.

80: The Bruins had more Canadian players than Vancouver, and that's why they won. I will thank Luongo for denying his mostly American teammates a moment with the Stanley Cup. By the way, your English teacher would be disappointed with your comment.

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is it possible that everyone broke their necks in a car crash and are in the hospital?

Maybe they thought you meant AM, instead of PM, you big party animal, you! FYL

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she never said she invited them over the Internet.

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Nice cleavage, feel better now that you know you gave mean hard-on?

98- nice boobs. oh and by the way when you put the letter "i" in a possessive form you should capitalize it.

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He probably just sent out a text putting the wrong date. Stupid touch keyboards an there misexts.

As said by one with a childish Cookie Monster picture.

Not necessarily. Haven't you heard that 'Attending' means maybe, 'Maybe' is a polite no, and 'Not attending' means LOL NOOOOOO!

Don't diss the cookie monster ! That's just wrong...

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don't be sorry... he has all the booze to himself

usually all my parties are late. last party I had over 150 people came over 3 hours late. you also have to realize people spend the first few hours with their families

What?... what kind of parties are you throwing

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what kind of party? a sausage party?

That is so wrong. because maybe they just got stood up!

Maybe they all went to an official graduating class party nobody told you about. It's everyone else's graduation day too, you know.

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that's why you don't plan a graduation party exactly on graduation night, seniors at my school usually have them up to a week after graduation.