By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I woke up early to prepare for my graduation party. I'd invited the entire graduating class of 2011, and tons of people confirmed that they were going to come. Two hours after the time I'd told everyone to show up, I'm still the only one here. FML
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  cbhockey  |  5

Haha thats what you get for being a stupid fucking canadien. And by the way tell the vancouver canucks (Roberto Lulongo) that the bruins said thank you.

  TheSvoloch  |  5

80: The Bruins had more Canadian players than Vancouver, and that's why they won. I will thank Luongo for denying his mostly American teammates a moment with the Stanley Cup.

By the way, your English teacher would be disappointed with your comment.

By  rtellez06  |  0

usually all my parties are late. last party I had over 150 people came over 3 hours late. you also have to realize people spend the first few hours with their families