By unhappystudent - 14/12/2016 12:32 - United States - Storrs Mansfield

Today, after a long night of studying, my roommate and her friends decided it would be fun to throw a mini party in my room at 7am. FML
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Was it for you?

At least you won't oversleep...


Was it for you?

At least you won't oversleep...

I would've followed that with a mini kick in the ass. A roommate should always be reciprocally considerate.

So, open your mouth and do something about it?

Ahh, the ol' inconsiderate roommate. I feel for you.

How nice of them to celebrate your studiousness! Most achievements go unnoticed.

who the fuck would even show up to a party, no matter big or mini, at 7am? If asked I'd be like "wtf? hell no, bitch, I'll be sleepin'"

You should put a candy bar in her gas tank.

I mean, it is your room so try to tell them to leave because you want to sleep or say you got a headache, that one always causes them to back off.

Who parties at 7am?