By mitsuko045 - Ireland
Today, after moving into my new house, I agreed to let my house mates have a house warming on the condition it be a small one, as I have exams all day that day and one that I can't fail on the very next morning. The facebook event guest list now has 100+ confirmed guests. FML
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By  funkandspacejunk  |  2

I don't know why so many people think this is a YDI. It sucks that your housemates went ahead with their big plans even after you mentioned your exams. Can you head to a late-night coffee shop or library to study? I could talk about my awful ex-roommate experiences for hours - I definitely got used to getting work done outside of the house. If it weren't for the 24-hour room on my campus and local late-night coffee shops, I don't think I could have passed my classes!

  number0  |  8

YDI for having a place to live.
YDI for wanting to pass exams.
YDI for having a "small" house warming.
YDI for thinking that a house warming will warm your house.
YDI for having a cold house.

  Shookitup  |  0

I was there and it was EPIC,
justkidding fail on paying attention to what your friends do.
now your address Is probably out there and people are going to egg you 0.0

By  FFML_314  |  11

YDI for moving into a new house.
YDI for having house mates.
YDI for having exams.
YDI for having a facebook account.
YDI for being a boring ass house mate and not joining the festivities.

That's for you #1

  C00k13monster  |  16

You're stupid, and You deserve to back called that cause
YDI for being a bitch
YDI for blaming him for life
YDI for being born
YDI for being on FML
And just like you did I named a bunch of stupid shit to blame you for

  lawlatyourfml  |  0

I DO! haha.. what happened? andy dick happened brian.. or something like that. i havent seen that one in a long time. OP, this is why you say not tonight. YDI. moron.