By mitsuko045 - 10/08/2010 00:33 - Ireland

Today, after moving into my new house, I agreed to let my house mates have a house warming on the condition it be a small one, as I have exams all day that day and one that I can't fail on the very next morning. The facebook event guest list now has 100+ confirmed guests. FML
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I don't know why so many people think this is a YDI. It sucks that your housemates went ahead with their big plans even after you mentioned your exams. Can you head to a late-night coffee shop or library to study? I could talk about my awful ex-roommate experiences for hours - I definitely got used to getting work done outside of the house. If it weren't for the 24-hour room on my campus and local late-night coffee shops, I don't think I could have passed my classes!

And not a single fuck was given that day.


Trollz4dalulz started the entire YDI because thing so stop being annoying and get some originality.

And not a single fuck was given that day.

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YDI for being in school.

But really you should be in control of what happens in your own house. 

YDI for having a place to live. YDI for wanting to pass exams. YDI for having a "small" house warming. YDI for thinking that a house warming will warm your house. YDI for having a cold house.

 hey uhm moderators. Can you moderate the trolls.  No more trolls!! Haha Jk.

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I know some people don't get when something gets old

Looks like someone is staying at a hotel while their house gets trashed.

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I was there and it was EPIC, justkidding fail on paying attention to what your friends do. now your address Is probably out there and people are going to egg you 0.0

what'd you expect..the word about parties spread fast.

Why'd you let your friends plan it in the first place...not very smart I must say.

Blame the economy.

party it out op

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haha. freeze isn't that from comic thing?

Big deal, OP. Live a little :)

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you shoulda had the party AFTER the exams were over .

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YDI for moving into a new house. YDI for having house mates. YDI for having exams. YDI for having a facebook account. YDI for being a boring ass house mate and not joining the festivities. That's for you #1

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ahaha nice :) lol

you just proved that you have no originality...

FFML_314 11

I DID IT FOR YOU! Why, oh why must you do this to me?

yeah I know, you proved my point so I must thank you :)

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^ hey man? i think I read a story about you on fml. didn't your mom get you a weight watchers membership for your birthday?

lmao 47, that was good

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Uh if the "ydi" was an original thing, then that means Ari wad being original. Must people be so simple minded these days?!?

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haha 47 :D

You are lame.

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kid ur probably sitting at home with no job no money crappy house the only bad thing in this fml is that she/he has exams jeez grow up

lol fat girl go lose weight

You're stupid, and You deserve to back called that cause YDI for being a bitch YDI for blaming him for life YDI for being born YDI for being on FML And just like you did I named a bunch of stupid shit to blame you for

YDI lock your doors and turn off lights

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hah, made me lol :D

op im sorry but i have to say ydi :P

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YDI op,

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Just have Andy Dick come over, he'll run everyone out. Please tell me someone gets my Family Guy reference :/.

I DO! haha.. what happened? andy dick happened brian.. or something like that. i havent seen that one in a long time. OP, this is why you say not tonight. YDI. moron.

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Haha thanks!

10 That party's about to get 86'd

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Haha, Family Guy ftw!

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then cancel! its that easy!

Agreed. OP, just talk to your house mates about it and work something out.

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gosh tht sounds extremly fun . You can always kick dem hoes out

YDI for agreeing to the party, OP. If you're that bothered about it then either cancel or stay somewhere else that night.

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buy a lock on your door and some earplugs!!