By Anon - 25/05/2015 01:14 - United States - Twinsburg

Today, I got so used to using this FML app while going to the bathroom that when I opened it, I accidentally peed a little. FML
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Favourited! At least you don't feel the need to eat every time your dog rings a bell. (Kelso reference)

#36 thats a reference to pavlov's bell. . . you should look into it.

Yes and Kelso (Kutcher) from That 70s Show thought the dog was the one who rang the bell. oh nvm.

cheshireau 26

It is true. I do the same thing, however, yet to wee myself.

'I was at the bar the other day and I heard the phone ring and then I remembered, OH SHIT, I need to feed my dog.'

I got my AP Psychology teacher a mug that has a dog on it in a cardboard box on the sidewalk, with a sign that says "will drool for bells". Classic

I got my AS psychology teacher a mug that say 'Freudian sips' on one side and ' when you say something but mean your mother' on the other. She loved it haha

Lol, you need to get out more :). Dw OP. I do that too, well excluding the peeing bit.

well then you aren't really doing the same I'd say

JustinJK 21

Oh shit. I didn't realize that I could only FML on a desktop computer confined within my home. If only there were some way to view FML on a mobile device on the go. Like some sort of mobile application. No, no! That'd be crazy. I forgot it's 1995 and I'm using this app at home right now via dial up Internet. I'm completely imagining that I'm in a cafe at a table right now. I never get out, so I've gone crazy. all I do is sit at home and look at fml and nothing else. There's no way OP could ever use the app while using the bathroom anywhere else except home. They never ever get out.

Really administrators? Wow. No offense to OP but how is this really even an FML?

larrena2377 26

Um, because they pissed themselves?

At least you didn't drop your phone in the toilet.

At least it's better than ******** your pant.