By Anonymous - 14/06/2015 08:10 - United Kingdom - Stockport

Today, I laid in bed until 3am kept up by a house party. In my own house. Which my housemates didn't invite me to. FML
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It's your house. You don't need an invitation.

If they didn't explicitly ask you not to come, they probably just assumed you would. Who waits for an invite to a party in their own house? Seriously.


It's your house. You don't need an invitation.

Exactly #1, I wouldn't think to invite my roommates I would just assume they knew they were invited.

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Sounds like OP is socially inept and is probably more comfortable feeling sorry for them self. This is definitely a YDI!

Next time have a party at chucky cheeses and don't invite them

I got the impression OP meant they weren't even informed of it.

Your housemates will probably ask you tomorrow why you didn't come to the party.

Hmm, well I'm sure OP would've realised a party was taking place by the time the people flooded in and the music started to play. I agree with #1 , and it's definitely a YDI!

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Sorry OP that sucks. You should've just went and partied hard, it is your house after all!

That's what you get for being a ****! Sorry OP

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Your house = your party You should've crashed it

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You can't really crash your own party.

Step out of your room and grab a red solo cup. You don't need an invite at your house.

Why didnt you just walk out to the party?

Maybe they assumed that you coming was a given and an invitation wasn't necessary, since you live there and all.

I would have busted out the whiskey and partied with them considering you live there too

Sadly I've been in the same situation OP.

I don't see why you couldn't have joined the party. My roommates have held parties at our house plenty of times without telling me beforehand, and I have always been welcomed to them.