By twice-a-day - 18/11/2010 05:04 - United States

Today, my house is suffering from an infestation of these tiny black beetles. After brushing my teeth tonight, I was rinsing out my toothbrush when I found that one of the beetles had curled up to die between the bristles. FML
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Harry Beetle... The bug who lived... Come to die.


Beware the little specs they put in toothpaste aren't all they seem to be...

Honestly, who doesnt look at their toothbrush beforehand to see if anything's in it?

take advantage of the resources you have. grind those beetles into a herbal paste and sell it at whole foods for $500 a bottle and tell people it's "organic". but that's just my opinion

he most have some pearly white teeth

Harry Beetle... The bug who lived... Come to die.

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hahaha that's awesome

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LOL that sucks ): i have those bugs in my house they are so hard to get rid of!

That is beautiful.


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Oh yuck

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mmmmm I bet that tasted so good!!

That's just ewwww.

maybe there will be a dental breakthrough and those bugs will be found to help dental hygiene... or maybe not

Ewwwwwwwwwww !