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Today, I had to skip class to attend a truancy court hearing. FML
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Let's be honest, you could easily have avoided that situation by actually turning up to class in the first place.


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Not to sound rude, #3, but it actually is pretty ironic. Op skipped class for a hearing about skipping class, and if that isn't ironic I don't know what is

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He didn't skip class to go to a class on truancy, he had to go to a truancy court hearing

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#9 If it's subjective why are you continuing to bitch about #1's use of the word? I don't think anyone's telling you that you can't have an opinion. I think they're telling you that you don't have to be such a prick about it.

Yea, so I'm sick of hearing "The irony" tossed about everywhere, so I call it out. People are human. And if people comment telling me to stop commenting about it (the irony) then yes, I'll also reply to them. If that is going "this far" to you then that's fine. Anyway, goodnight.

I want to know what definition of irony you are reading. Did the onion start printing a dictionary?

26- Wait, I thought having a fancy mustache automatically made one win every argument on the Internet… are you telling me this isn't true? In that case, I better rethink my life goals, and return all this follicle-stimulating cream.

pleonasm, has it right, folks. People misuse irony all the rime, this case included. The only way this kind of thing stops is when people like pleonasm make a comment about. That way, the stupid people on the internet (most of you reading this now) won't get mixed up on what a word means and how to use it.

Oh this thread has been fun. I doubt people will stop misusing it, if anything it encourages trolls because people like 3 get so worked up about it. I find it hilllurryus.

Did everyone not learn about the three basic types of irony in high school? Verbal, dramatic, and situational. I'll spare the entire lecture, but OP's predicament adheres perfectly to the definition of situational irony: where you expect one thing to happen, and yet another (usually the exact opposite of what was expected) occurs. That's exactly the case here- who would expect a truancy hearing would make someone have to be truant? Now, those three definitions are pretty different, so when someone claims something is irony, it usually is (even if only loosely). #3, take a breath, man. #1 made a comment that makes sense and you blew up over nothing. Of course, you're allowed to, like you've been saying, but it makes you seem a bit foolish.

45, he didn't skip class for a truency hearing. despite what he thinks he did, he was forced to appear at a hearing about voluntarily missing class. there is nothing ironic about that.

#45, I hate to break it to you, but you're included in the "stupid people of the Internet." Wait, who am I kidding, I love telling people when they're wrong. Also, the word wasn't misused in this case. In fact, I hardly hear the word irony being misused. Overused? Of course, but then again, this is the internet everything is overused here.

Ooh a pointless argument where no one wins! I'll get the popcorn.

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For those of you who are insisting that I used "irony" incorrectly, I believe this definition of irony will show you that you are wrong. consisting of, containing, or resembling the metal iron: an irony color.

apparently not. the people on this website get butt hurt extremely easily. if you don't circle jerk to the same opinion as everyone else, they down vote you. also, the admin for the page wants everyone to be respectful but are condescending when they send you an email warning. this page jumped the shark years ago.

I hate people who are pedantic about the English language and what words are technically wrong for which meanings. Language is a constantly evolving thing due to the common mistakes that people make, such as the 'misuses' of the word irony. One day, if people continue to use the word irony 'wrongly', the dictionary will include it as a form of irony. How words are used determine their meanings, not the other way around. That's how it's always been. The English language would sound entirely different today if not for mistakes, mispellings and misuses that became so common that they are now accepted as 'correct'. You idiots. /rant

@Pleonasm, Id like to ask you a question. Why did you blow up about "oh the irony" when *we can all agree* there are worse comments? For example, "thats a shitty situation." When the words poo, crap, or other term is used. *inserts 2 cents*

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@ pleonasm, the irony is there. I am sorry that you don't see it and can't enjoy a humorous comment like the other commentators, however, you are entitled to your own opinion. But people aren't going to end the "Oh the irony" posts because you think it is misused and repetitive. Get over it. This is a site where people go to post horrible things that happen to them, and hell, some are ironic. The sooner you come to accept that, the better off you and your view of FML will be.

#9: Irony doesn't has to be "the incidence of something that is completely opposite to what you were expecting", like you wrote.

pleonasm and enmayamato, I agree that pleonasms comment about irony was a shit one but the comment fight was factually won by pleonasm. He was correct everywhere except for the meaning of irony...

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It's a sad day when no one remembers Pleonasm...

73- Taking on a different meaning in addition to what a word already means and forcing a word to lose its meaning altogether from gross overuse and misuse is completely different. I'll give you another example to make my point here. Hell, I'll give you two: "awesome" and "epic". The former is supposed to describe something that truly inspires or evokes the feeling of awe from a beholder, be it a piece of art, a technological marvel, or nature, unadulterated. Nowadays, it can be used for literally anything with a desirable trait. It'd be understandable if there were two or three desirable traits in the superlative, but "awesome" simply loses meaning when there's nothing to compare it to. Eating an ice cream sundae isn't awesome. If it were, it'd have to be the absolute best ice cream sundae out of all the ice cream sundaes you've ever had or ever will have in your whole life. It will have to literally change your entire philosophy to earn the title of "awesome". As for the latter, the Star Wars trilogy is an epic: there's a conflict between two clear factions that affects even the farthest reaches of the galaxy, innumerable races and peoples, the use of lofty language, the use of supernatural powers – you're getting the idea. The biography of Napoleon Bonaparte reaches from the frozen tundras of Russia to the rotting quagmires of Louisiana. His career as a general and emperor is epic. Holding open the door for your crush isn't "a little bit epic". That may mean a lot to the one holding the door, but the rest of the world is not effected in the slightest. TL;DR – Say what you mean and mean what you say. Quit with the exaggerations.

Guys, I think Pleonasm gets it. (I think).

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The amount of comments that have been down voted is too damn high. I've never seen it like this

#3 Aren't you the guy that tells people to "just stop" whenever people are really down-voted and arguing uselessly? Oh, the irony.

#91. 'pussy' used to mean 'lady', not in an altogether unpolite way. Now it means... something else regarding ladies. 'bully' used to be a sweet pet name like 'darling' or 'honey'. 'husband' used to mean 'home owner', had nothing to do with marital status, except that husbands were good to marry because they had a house. 'nice' went from meaning 'foolish or silly' to 'extravagant', 'cowardly' and now to, well, nice. And as for your blabberings about the poor fates of the words 'epic' and 'awesome', the word 'fantastic' used to mean 'something that could only exist in imagination or fantasy'. Is that how you use this word? Language changes. Unless you tell me that you use the word 'nice' to mean a cowardly fool, call your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/so a bully, and refer(red) to your parents as 'husbands' because they owned their house, stop bitching about the butchering of the English language. It's happened before to give you the words you use today, it's happening now, and it will happen again. Get. Over. It.

Let's be honest, you could easily have avoided that situation by actually turning up to class in the first place.

I'm surprised so many people are voting "I agree, your life sucks." Maybe a lot of people don't know what truancy means.

I dunno, truancy officers can be kinda douchey. Probably not the case here but, the other month my brother got stopped by truancy officers about 20 metres from the school entrance, walking towards the school. He's not at all the truanting type - he was about 10 minutes late because his alarm broke, he woke up late and missed his usual train. Instead of letting him enter and get in before his lesson started they questioned him for 15 mins meaning by the time he actually got in he missed the beginning of his lesson. Idiots.

Wait kids get taken to court if they dont turn up to class in the states!? That just seems very strange for me, may I ask why this is the case?

If the school knows about it and there is a legal excuse, such as being sick or having a sporting event.... If you are suspected of intentionally skipping school with no valid reason, then you can get in trouble.

And then there's Canada, where you can literally walk out right in the middle of a lesson and not come back for days and they won't even notice .

Chellybelly92 14

#41 I'm almost certain it's law that children attend some sort of school until a certain age where the parent can sign a form okaying the child to drop out or they wait until 18 and drop out on their own. We have those officers wandering around making sure kids didn't skip without the parent knowing, or bust the parent for not making their kid go to school. But I'm not 100% sure on the exact laws and what not

Haha #46 just another reason why I wanna live in Canada. I'll add that to my list. Good Thing #1078: I can leave class whenever I want.

epilepticloh 20

Yup I had literally no idea what truancy meant,then I googled it

#29 when you're a high schooler, everyone knows what truancy is. Even the kids that don't do that kind of stuff drill that into their brain- to not skip class or face Hell...

I skipped class all the time in high school we don't have truancy up here in canada

When I was 12-13, I had an illness for about a month, and I had to be in the hospital for a few days, and because the hospitals are ridiculously slow at getting patients doctors notes, the school thought I was a truant. We had to go to several meetings, I got questioned, and we almost had to go to court because the damned hospital took too long to get a note. (I really really appreciate doctors and nurses, they are under-appreciated and nobody realizes how they have lives in their hands. Please don't take my last sentence offensively)

#94 - by skipping class, you were committing truancy. its not something that different countries/states have. by skipping class for no good reason, you were being a truant. its just the matter of whether the school punishes you for it or not.

Well even if you have a reason there could be truancy hearings, if the school decides your reason for not being in school. My high school refused to take signatures and note from doctors about students not being able to come to school. One guy had a horrible year where his appendix burst and he had to get surgery after a car crash that injured him. He had to prove it to the court because the school didn't believe him and accused him of forging doctor's notes. Other people got in trouble for attending funerals instead of school. Some got in trouble for having contagious illnesses and not attending school to infect everyone else,

#94 - Well, we definitely have truancy contracts in Ontario. I had to get every teacher I had for each class to sign a form every day then at the end of the school day hand it in to the office so they knew I went to all my classes.

Don't be so quick to judge. They might have a legitimate reason for missing class in the first place.

If they had a legitimate reason then their absence would be listed as excused, not truancy.

Not necessarily. At my university only school related absences are excused, like being a part of a sports team. Even sickness is not excused, it's merely justified.

The person could've been bullied at school but unable to talk to someone about it so skipped school, etc etc. There are actually lots of legitimate reasons. :)

43-- college is completely different from middle/ high school. The pupil is expected to be at middle/ high school, colleges expect you to be mature enough to make your own decision. Depending on the class/ size, a professor might never know if the student is there everyday or only for tests.

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If it's a class you are paying for you deserve it

I have never seem a university care about students missing class if they are paying for it. Public schools will set you up with a court date, and the parents of child, if you miss too much.

Yeah the uni is getting paid either way, so they couldn't really give less of a shit if you showed up or not. I knew someone who only showed up for the exams.

... I feel like some common sense in both parties involved could've avoided this situation.

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Well maybe you won't be skipping class anymore

Oh irony, thy name is the American Justice System.

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Tax dollars having to pay for kids skipping school because they have to go to court? Ridiculous. My high-school gave you detention if you missed too many days, then if you continued, suspension, then if you're over 16 they send you to an independent learning school, and if you're over 18 they kick you out. Though what is too many, I don't know. I skipped 16 classes of each class senior year and didn't have anything happen to me. My grades didn't suffer either... I think the US needs to sort out their priorities. Skipping class is not court worthy.

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Well op you should not have been stupid enough to skip in the first place

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You'll never know if you skipped the right one.