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  katiebelle  |  1

I deliver pizzas too. I can say that it's definitely assumed you will tip here in America. 2$ is the average tip amount and while delivering in the rain I would hope I received a larger tip.

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#8 Perhaps OP doesn't have any choice but to stick with a job that they don't like. The job market is tough nowadays, and not everyone can afford to be picky about jobs.

  claireful  |  4

As someone who used to work in a pizza parlor, I hated when the drivers would complain about crappy tips, especially when the rest of their coworkers (you know, those of us who actually do something besides sipping soda in our cars while we're paid to drive around?) don't get tipped at all! And not only do they recieve hourly compensation and tips, they are also paid a flat rate for every delivery they take for gas(it was $1.50 per delivery I believe, and it does NOT cost $1.50 in gas to drive two blocks!) In my expirence, almost all of the drivers I dealt with after years of working in a pizza parlor were not only obnoxious slackers, but had a very unattractive sense of entitlement when it came to their tips. In short, whenever I hear a delivery driver complain about how much/little they are tipped, it makes me want to rip them a new one.

  sericane  |  20

#103, that may be true in some pizza places, but most definitely not all. I've been delivering for two years, and it is NOT that easy. You cooks don't have to deal with shitty customers giving you attitude because their food was late because the cooks fucked up the order. Cooks, in the two places I've worked at, make at least $3 more per hour than drivers. And all they do is cook. Drivers, on the other hand, do prep work, sweep, mop, dishes, answer phone lines, check out lobby customers, and help make the little food items (sides and shit) because most of the time the cooks can't handle the high volume on a busy Friday night. Not to mention, where one delivery may be two blocks away, the next may be the full 6 mile limit away. They average each other out, unless you live in a small town. Secondly, we have to deal with all types of weather. Icy roads. Reckless drivers. I've been hit while working, and a few of my coworkers have been robbed at knife and gunpoint. Add on delivering in the winter, to people who take forever to answer their damn door and then bitch when it's, delivering is definitely not just riding around sipping soda. (I sip water and vape, TYVM). It's not the hardest job, but it does put a ton of wear and tear on your personal vehicle, and if said vehicle breaks down, you're out of work. I make $6/hr plus $1.50/delivery plus tips. Delivery fee and credit card tips are taxes. Not much of a living wage, my paychecks go to bills, tips to diapers/gas/daily needs, and without SNAP, I couldn't support my family. So, tips are essential. And, as for finding a better job? It's not that damn easy anymore. Just 3 years ago I could walk into anywhere with my resume and get hired on the spot. That is no longer the case. Especially when you have 10 month old twins and college classes, and your schedule is slightly restricted. I like my job. I bitch about the stiffs to myself, because here, it's common courtesy to tip someone who provides a service. (Bartenders, waitresses, delivery drivers, my fiance and I even tip the guys that change our tires.) Those tips is what I'm forced to live on, so when someone who lives 15 minutes away in the boonies tips less than a dollar? Yea, I curse the cheap bastards up and down. But, to myself (and my fiance if he's in my bluetooth). /endrant

By  DjeePee  |  24

I wouldn't give a tip at all. Not to be a jerk, but giving tips is really uncommon here. Don't know how it is in OP's country, since we don't know were he lives.

  Kazze  |  31

There is nothing in here that says #83 said OP was a fat woman that was going to eat the pizza herself. Not sure where you got that from, #85.

  docscientist  |  9

Should we pay for his car insurance, just in case he might wreck when out delivering pizzas? Rain is part of the job when you're a delivery boy, she doesn't owe him anything.