By Anonymous - 10/7/2021 18:01

Kick the tragedy

  Today, my boyfriend is pushing for sex even though I’ve just had spinal surgery, his reasoning being I only have to lie there, so it’s not like he’s asking me to move or actively participate. He basically wants me to ignore my pain and become a masturbation toy. FML
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By  Monica Stephenson  |  5

My joking answer: Offer to let him have a go if you can kick him in the nuts first.

My serious answer: You need to seriously take a look at this. If this is a one-time brain fart, tell him he's a jackass and move on. If this is a pattern, you need to figure out what you will and won't tolerate in a relationship, because expecting you to do things that hurt you is a serious boundary problem.

By  Brightside86  |  25

Plot twist, he's only pushing for sex because he's worried about your needs.

You've already been through so much, and he just wants you to know that despite it all he's still into you. You're more than just a perfect spine.

By  Steffany Wolkenhauer  |  5

My now ex did this after my C-section. DO NOT put up with it. No means NO! If he keeps pushing it, he has no respect for you. If he goes through with it, that's rape!