By nottrustworthy - United States
Today, my wife of seven years told me that she doesn't trust me with dog-sitting her dog while she leaves to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's with her family. She ended up calling someone she "trusts" to take care of her dog while I spend the holidays by myself. FML
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  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

yeah, but why the fuck would you not go with her for the holidays?? like WTF...

maybe she's a cheater! :O idk but still that's weird that you wouldn't spend the holidays with her and her family, like why arnt you going?

  marc_with_a_c  |  3

what #42 said.. why do you spend them alone? that's fucked up (there's probably a good reason to this but since you didn't post it, we'll assume she never told her family about you and doesn't want them to ever know about you)

  WishResign  |  0

64 Be that as it may, the wife is still fucked up for leaving him through the holidays. I could understand her leaving for one but all of them? Also adding insult to injury by saying she doesn't trust him with the only companion he had left in the house & letting a friend take care of it.

  DocBastard  |  38

Midnight, that's preposterous. That stuff only happens in South Africa. In the US, the burglars steal your shit, wake you up and stab you in the spleen, break into your hospital room and stab you again in the testicle, and then punch your mama in the chest.

By  bmore225  |  0

I bet the wife is one of those conceded bitches that carry their dog around in their purse. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

if I were you, I'd find another companion to sleep with for the next month. (And I'm not talking about a dog either.)