By Entheatus - Canada
Today, I polished off the delicious iced gingerbread cookies in the pantry. I'd assumed the little flecks on them were speckles of broken icing, but as I went to throw the cookie bag away, a larva crawled out. The hundreds of flecks were moth eggs. I've been eating the cookies for three days. FML
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  PumpkinTarte  |  0

Oh, yummy. They're going to hatch in your stomach and make a little home where they mate and create more moth eggs and more will hatch, and so forth. Helping the environment here a bit, actually.

  crazieeli  |  0

i dont think they're gonna eat her insides since our stomach produces acid so doesnt it just break down everything? if anything, they'll probably come out when she poops :/

  ananamoose  |  0

poops, everyone poops. it's a fact of life, for those guys out there that pretend girls don't poop, guess what they do!! haha wow think of the word poop for a second, is it funny or would it be immature it think it's a funny word, meh who cares thats a funny ass word. poops poops poops poops poops. haha you try!!

  Darth_Taco  |  14

Then...tell your parents to stop buying Christmas food year round. That's nasty! D: I am so sorry. I'd hug you if I knew who you were. Then I'd probably feed you pesticides XP.