By Entheatus - 10/08/2009 04:25 - Canada

Today, I polished off the delicious iced gingerbread cookies in the pantry. I'd assumed the little flecks on them were speckles of broken icing, but as I went to throw the cookie bag away, a larva crawled out. The hundreds of flecks were moth eggs. I've been eating the cookies for three days. FML
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Oh, yummy. They're going to hatch in your stomach and make a little home where they mate and create more moth eggs and more will hatch, and so forth. Helping the environment here a bit, actually.

Well they're dead now.. and I guess they tasted good?

CyclonePsycho 1

Brings a whole new meaning to the saying "butterflies in my stomach". Except it's moths. :3

XxHannahxX 0

Well, at least your stomach acids will kill them...but that sucks...

i dont think they're gonna eat her insides since our stomach produces acid so doesnt it just break down everything? if anything, they'll probably come out when she poops :/

poops, everyone poops. it's a fact of life, for those guys out there that pretend girls don't poop, guess what they do!! haha wow think of the word poop for a second, is it funny or would it be immature it think it's a funny word, meh who cares thats a funny ass word. poops poops poops poops poops. haha you try!!

xkaitlinwhitex 0

shhh, we can't let them know that.

just watch tomarrow your go!ng to throw up l!ttle moths !(:!

Chaos187 6

Well at least you wont have any moths in your pantry :D

kyle_kbo20 0

larva move... you didnt notice it when u tool cookies out

dotVillain 1

Larva move. She noticed the larva move. The eggs, on the other hand, don't. Read more carefully before making yourself look like a douche bag.

The eggs will be destroyed by your stomach acid they won't hurt you, it's not like they're going to hatch in your stomach...

That's not the point. Point is she ate moth eggs. That alone is gross enough, no need to think of what's gonna happen in her tummy.

Xader 0

There is something comforting in the fact that she got her revenge by dropping the moth's children into a bubbling pit of acid...

Bahaha, maybe you'll be ******** moths. FYL.

and before anyone jumps to conclusions and calls me stupid, i know that they get destroyed by stomach acid. it was a joke.

Lol, they'd just fly right out of her ass.

Darth_Taco 14

This is why I don't eat Christmas food in the middle of AUGUST :D. I'm sorry, but you kinda deserve this for not finishing them off in December or January.

They weren't from Christmas. My parents buy these kinds of cookies throughout the year.

Darth_Taco 14

Then...tell your parents to stop buying Christmas food year round. That's nasty! D: I am so sorry. I'd hug you if I knew who you were. Then I'd probably feed you pesticides XP.

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