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Look at it this least it was clean cockroach...

Im hoping you showered... again. Without the roach this time.


first motherfuckers!

F your life? Look at it from the cockroach's perspective. He just had a sweaty ballsack wiped on him.

I'm going to be the first to say it. DONT use the word "proceeded".

Seriously, you and everyone else, get your panties out of a twist. It's just a fucking word. Would you rather them say 'and then' or 'continued to'? I invite you to go into any high school and explain to the teachers that proceeded is no longer an acceptable word to use. Really. Remember, people misuse words ALL THE TIME! And I hardly notice the word being used anymore. Just calm down.

I'm actually being the calm one. My comment was a mere two sentences. You decided it was necessary to use swear words and take a whole paragraph to criticize me. So, I think you should "proceed" to shut up, and calm down yourself. ;)

I see people say that on here ALL the time. I don't get it. What is so wrong with 'proceeded'? It's a perfectly normal and common part of the English language. What's got everyone's panties in a twist?

People just love to bitch. ^ ^ I love having little explosive rants. It's sadder when people read them.

Type in the word "proceeded" into search and you'll see what I mean. Its time to be a little more original people.

1. to move or go forward or onward, esp. after stopping. 2. to carry on or continue any action or process. 3. to go on to do something. 4. to continue one's discourse. ( Meaning number 1 and 2 seem particularly apt in this case.

No, dont search the dictionary. I meant type the word "proceeded" into the FML search. Hundreds of people have used the very same word in all their FMLs. And that, is the reason people are trying to stop it. Its annoying. Be original.

Are you also on a crusade to stop millions of people who, every day, happen to use the same words as millions of other people? Proceeded is a word that works here and in other FMLs. What reason is there to be upset? Be more original with the things you complain about, please.

Oh I see, well actually you do have a point there, but there are tons of other words that everyone uses all the time too, so your point is a bit pointless :p

Originality is a lie. That's all that comes to mind, honestly. Along with other quotes, but I hate when people say or claim to "be original". We can't all invent something every time we want to open our mouths.

Oh boo-hoo. Someone on a website used a word that has already been used before! What ever shall we do? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE FUTURE OF VOCABULARY?! They can say "proceeded" if they want to. Jesus Christ. You don't yell at people for saying "said" instead of "vocalized". >.>

ok too much fun your really annoying, and not slick. your just a little Internet faggot, stfu and go stuff your face with more cookies.

proceeded proceeded proceeded

The word annoys me so much. I feel like breaking my iPhone when I'm modding and see something that says 'tdayy I proceeded to run ovar mi dogfml'. -_- The word's overused in the FML community, and that's a fact.

Look at it this least it was clean cockroach...

I fear this everytime I get in the shower ew.

Im hoping you showered... again. Without the roach this time.

Do you not clean your shower? This could of been avoided. YDI

could have? YDI

You're also fat as fuck.

Tungmup - you're an a**hole

Tungmup you nothing but pathetic

Bet it loved the show.

Yeah, three possibilities here. a) pubes. b) normal hair. c) roach. Its always c.

What about ass hairs?

ass hairs are pubes too, just in a different spot

YDI for using a loofa.

Yeah, I really didn't know men used those...

I pay my brother to use one just so I can say I know a guy who uses one.

Wow, that's pretty sad.

Eh, he hasn't asked for the money. It's kinda funny. You've never been bored and paid your siblings to do something?

you took the words out of my mouth. i agree. he totally deserves it for being a dude and using a loofa.

Hmmm? Am I the only dude who uses body wash? I only use bar soap for making things go BOOM!

Nah, I'm with Paper St. Soap Co. as well. ;]

So you're the one terrorizing all of those liposuction clinics.

He is, he is. Hi, Tyler!

Hey, Rachel. (;

Hah! Good to see you... sir. I could do this all day, but for the sake of everyone else who chooses to scroll through the comments, I won't.

Who gives a fuck about them? I don't. They who choose to read the comments... Choose to read the comments, for better or worse. I'd rather have witty comments with a point then 50 comments all saying, "YDI for being a douchenozzle!" Wouldn't you?

You make a good point, Tylerachel. :]

Thank you. ^ ^

At first I thought loofa was a euphemism for vagina, but then the context made clear that's not what it was. I agree with all the other commenters that YDI for being a man and using a loofa.

Haha, exactly my thoughts ;D

haha nice English. I respect you.

what's a loofa

how do you not know what a loofa is????

Ha! It got a free peep show, but yeah...I hope you showered again.

I can only imagine how grody the rest of your house must be...