By ewicsmelly - 29/12/2010 02:13 - United States

Today, I kept finding ants crawling all over my face. After a while, I realized that they were all coming from my beard. I have had a population of ants living in my beard. FML
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I happen to love ants! Beard shaving soup, anyone?

How delightful, maybe shower and shave...or just burn it..

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exact thing Tht came in my head wen I read this

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..... or he can turn his beard on fire..... just a thought. O.O

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SICK! How does that even happen?! Note to self - check a guy's beard before making out with him.

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I believe the same thing happened to Amy Winehouse's cooter. So you must have went down on her, and well thats just wrong.

67: You have ambiguous pronoun in your profile biography. "it invalidates..." does not specify what the "it" is, especially after the phrase in the beginning of the sentence. :-/

138, you are creepy. 67, 138 kind of makes a point. you're a hypocrite

It's adorable! I'm sure op has named all of them by now.

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Aw do you think he'll let me keep one?

71, grow a beard, become a dirty grub and maybe they'll join you too. YDI OP!

F*ck that..I just want one from OP's beard :)

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^^ Exercise exercise e!xercise! Fat shit.

That's not very nice #59. :-/ OP, definitely make sure they're alllll gone lol at least they weren't pissed off fire ants!

WTF is your problem, #59? You have nothing to do but pick on little girls, you pathetic fuckwad? GTFO and find a life or finish the job nature started and just kill yourself.

Wait one. you are saying ants have made a home in your beard? Need pics if that. I really find that strange.

of that. (Sorry. damn small keys and fat fingers.)

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