By Pupluv183 - 02/05/2016 16:43 - United States - Newport

Today, my now fully vaccinated puppy went to a restaurant for the first time. They allow clean, well-behaved dogs. He threw up everywhere from excitement. FML
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OP here. The restaurant allows dogs, saying its illegal when it's obviously not makes no sense. He is 5 months, more than a week after the vaccination. No way was he going anywhere the day of. He goes on walks in public (touristy) areas and has met many people and dogs. He had never thrown up before so that's why it was so surprising. He has been fine since so we just have to chalk it up to excitement. He was very well behaved but very upset that none of the food going by was for him. And no we absolutely can not leave him alone while we go out. He is like a toddler, I go pee and he has gotten into something, if there is nothing to get into he chews on furniture, if there's no furniture he chews himself and barks until he gets tired. We definitely want him social and coming out with us over all that.

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Puppies are usually not the most well behaved.

"This is why we can't go to nice places!"


Puppies are usually not the most well behaved.

yea dunno why you'd expect such a young puppy to not get overly exited to be honest

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"This is why we can't go to nice places!"

"This is why we can't have nice things!"

It's the same as a restaurant allowing a well behaved baby in. Just because it's allowed doesn't mean you should do it.

A puppy can be left alone, a baby cant. Like who takes a dog to a restaurant? Sorry to say having a dog isn't the same as being a parent.

No. A puppy can't be left alone. You obviously never had one, a puppy is a BABY dog. You must raise it. You have to be there to teach it what to do and what not to do and if you don't want to come back to a complete mess, pee and crap everywhere your stuff destroyed or your puppy dead because it ate something it shouldn't have. And why shouldn't people bring their dogs to restaurants ?? I love having my dog with me and when he's there you hardly notice him.

A puppy parent is a parent, regardless if it's a human being or not. I love my dogs way more than I could ever love another human being.

Ones with outdoor seating, accessible without passing through the main restaurant, and full table service, I assume. I'm a dog lover and owner, but I'd never expect a business, especially one selling food, to allow me to bring my dog in with me.

I have a therapy dog and she is my shadow. Thankfully she was professionally trained, but that was a necessity for me. Puppies have to learn and be socialized. As long as you left a really good tip! Lol

Makes the puppy about 4 months old. Way too young for restaurant. Socialize him/her first slowly.

Depends on the dog. I had a well behaved Yorkie who was calm and would not bark or run at 4 months.

Maybe it was just too lazy? c;

YDI for being stupid enough to bring a puppy into a restaurant. Common sense, use it.

You should have socialized your puppy and taught him to behave in public places before bringing him into a restaurant. You deserved that one.

it's a dog were you expecting it to act like a "well behaved child"?

Usually puppies pee when excited. Sounds weird that he's throwing up.

That sounds gross and adorable