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Today, I accused a student in my class of getting his dad to do his homework. It turns out that his dad died two years ago. FML
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shouldn't be throwing wild accusations there, should you...?

Why???! When does being smart became a crime?!


That was very tactless you stupid teacher!

I ******* hate scumbag teachers like that. It's as if they find it difficult to believe young people can be more intelligent than them. It's not just mean, it's ridiculous and it's teachers like that that make even good kids hate school. There should be a requirement for personality and psyche tests to become a teacher.

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Did you drop an iPhone recently?

#36 , Zenna Atkins prompted fury among heads by claiming that a bad teacher helped children learn how to 'manage' people who are not good at their jobs. Zenna Atkins is the CEO of Ofsted, a company which regulates teaching standards in schools. But ofcourse it's complete BS because students can't do things to teachers that they can to the office moron, so it just ends up screwing the childs results. Luckily the muppet in my school taught the lessons I didn't pick.

-53 I got a yellow card and detention for a week when I was in primary school. My "crime"? I was tying my shoes during lunch. So many teachers are asshats.

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Teachers like the OP give good teachers a bad name

You deserve it that's an asshole move

I see what u did there, made me LOL.

shouldn't be throwing wild accusations there, should you...?

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51 what do you mean. Evidently there was no backup to her theory

My mother is a teacher and, on many occasions, she has had students turn in horrible papers and things like that all year long, but then, miraculously, the student will turn in something written in a completely different style than most of their other work. It's not too hard to believe that that student plagiarized something or convinced a family member to do it for them when they randomly start writing at a college level.

Why are some teachers stupid? You don't ever accuse your pupils of getting someone else to do it - you ******* ask them!

#97 Yeah, then they might lie about it. :P

And if they lie what difference will an accusation make?

If you ask the student if someone else wrote their paper for them it's basically the same as accusing them.

YDI. What even led you to believe that his father did his homework?

I noticed that everytime someone does something good for once... They get assumed.

Why???! When does being smart became a crime?!

Oh LAWDY. The irony just killed part of me.

@11 - shuddup u moron. u dont even no what IRINY *** meens! I justk ill u. *trollface* :7

It's spelled irony you jackass. Don't go off on someone for not knowing a literal definition when you can't even spell the word right. Also, there was a whole lot of irony in that situation, so I have no idea what you thought he was talking about. But you sir, are incorrect.

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14 - This is a whole new level of irony.

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i'm pretty sure that 4 was only being sarcastic. i mean, i hope.

And I quote the last part of my comment: "*trollface* :7" Lighten up.

Holy **** 14, I just woke up and I'm bombarded with that shit.

I just want to know why everyone is mad at the teacher. People get their parents to do their homework for them all the time, and it's pretty easy to catch when a student turns in some work they got somone else to do.

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88, do not try and generalize. I have never asked a family member to do my school work. If I don't know what I'm doing, I either ask for help or I don't do it at all.

It's funny because I was just kidding. However, I am very happy that my comment received 50 thumbs down. It's a best.

Generally if you have to explain that something was just a joke... It wasn't a very good joke.

Its funny though because despite explaining it in the last part of my comment I said I was just kidding. However, people still took my comment as serious. A bit dense there.

This level of irony is so ironic it's like chronic.

If the student is like a straight C Kid but suddenly turns in something of A quality. That's when you get suspicious.

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I don't think OP was about to suggest that after what had just happened though.

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maybe the kid's just smart.

Pshh, guys, I meant because of the instant accusation that his mother must have done his homework. What if she's dead too?

Lol how do you even come to this conclusion.

Cross referenced fingerprints, ofc. Teachers don't come to biased conclusions, do they now?

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You couldn't really have known if his dad was dead, but next time be a little more careful and at least generalize with "parents"

Or, to be on the safe side, OP could have said "someone else".

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Why insist it was the dad? Take Harvard Implicit Tests online, find out why your gender sensitivity is out of whack.

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I find you annoying to both genders equally.

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Well let's face it, if it was math or shop or something like that there is no way it could have been his mom that helped.

82 my mother is an engineer so she can help me with both. Don't make generalizations it only makes you look like an ass.

Omg Rocky, are you frigging kidding me? My mom is in home improvement and my sister goes to MIT. Moron.

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