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Today, I finally went on a date with my crush. When he kissed me goodnight, it made me think of a dying slug. FML
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At least you went on a date with your crush!

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just one question. how do you know what a dying slug feels like on your lips? do you eat them things or something?


I usually think of the noise a chicken makes when it's neck is being cut off....

It is the worst thing kissing a person who doesn't kiss the same as you. They aren't a bad kisser, just different. Feel your pain.

I wish people werent so eager to get the first comment that they'll only say stupid things like LOL or FYL. how hard is it to think of an actual comment?

40 first! It's especially funny when they say that and fail. 8)

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>~< GUYS! I just gagged!

How's that?? Slow, slimy, left a trail, blood loss? Inquiring minds want to know!

So it was really slow, passionate and seemed to melt in your mouth? I'm jealous, OP

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that was a waste of a first comment

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yah, was it his breath? or the way he kissed you....?

Probably how he flailed his tongue around?

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salt the snail, salt the snail! Oh wait, that's something else.

It felt like a dying slug, so it was probably limp, lifeless and wet. :l

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#99 like a vigina, so now we figured out why this is really an FML.

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99- I'm not gonna argue or fight about it but in my opinion if someone says their mature for their age well it's immature to say it...I know a 9 year old that tells me all the time. so your equivalent to a 9 year old. have fun (:

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hahaha there was a really funny it's always sunny in philadelphia episode like that

107, Creeping my bio then accusing someone you don't know for being immature sounds pretty immature itself. Thanks for your opinion though, but it really doesn't matter.

Also, this coming from a 15 year old? Everyone thinks that they have the whole world solved at that age.

johnnyredcorn, I had to creep I'm sorry. We share the same nfirst name apparently. Awkward stalking turns into Awkward conveesation

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107! your completely right! (:

"Creeping" your bio? You are joking, right? It's public info on this site. Don't put something in there that you don't want everyone to know.

129, there is absolutely nothing in my bio that I wouldn't want people to know, it is the fact that instead of saying something relevant to the comment, they had to read my bio then posting something that had nothing to do with anything, this site isn't about attempting to knock people down. Take your cyber bullshit else where and get your head out of your ass.

At least you went on a date with your crush!

Yeah, but there probably won't be another... who wants to date a dying slug?

Oh thank god for you're comment! I was about to say "What did you expect it's your cousin?" I misread the FML.

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I know! I thought it said "cousin" somewhere in there too :/

how do you mix up crush with cousin????

hes mixing up his weird fetish with OP's

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This happened to me like two weeks ago and it was a guy I'd liked for three years and it was sooo disappointing buut on the bright side you can finally get over him

122 I don't know how I just did 137 no not at all. OP's fetish is an FML and mine is not *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*.

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lol that happened to me a few months ago. for me it was more like a squid having a seisure

Hey but isnt a snail trail also the hair around a belly button Ah ha ha ha ha XD he kissed and and it reminded me of a snail trail heh heh

it wasn't that he had bad breath; it was that he didn't know how to kiss.

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FYL. maybe that's the last date too?

That's messed up. I never thought people would think of a dying slug while kissing someone. I've thought wrong.

I know! She went on a date with her crush then they even kissed! I guess OP wasn't really into it.

So he got you all wet with his kisses huh.

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not a big deal really. you should work on it with him if you really like him.

I tots agree with you :) practice makes perfect!

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Ya maybe you guys had like sushi for dinner or something similar? It was probably just the food he ate no big deal just make sure he uses breath mints next time after the meal.

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