By dumbbass - 24/02/2010 19:43 - Canada

Today, I spilled a glass of iced tea all over my desk. It trickled down the wall and fried an extension cord. FML
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mandiecait 0

Awww. Accidents happen! Sorry, OP

uncovered liquids - as in water/juice/ice tea (in this case) in an uncovered container. That means it didn't have a lid, or a cap. So, when you knock it over, accidentally, it spills everywhere.


PurpleSquirrel 0

ydi for drinking tea at your desk

oops took too long writing my comment, so shut up people who are going to tell me I'm not first!

ydi for drinking tea

Melkezidech 0

QQ But....seriously?

Horney4her69 0

what's wrong with tea? at least you didn't electrocute yourself.

texas_justice 0

...and then, your house caught fire and you ran for your life... or something... no? nothing happened? well thanks for keeping us informed on your non-events.

Exactly an Extension cord cost about two too five dollars tops! No violins here for your stupidity!!!!!!!

I <33 tea!!

this isnt really an fml.

Carterv 0

You stole the words right out of my ... comment box.

YDI for thinking a fried cord would fyl. now your life is reall f.ed.

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GeorgeBoosh 0

Mmmmm, fries! I'm hungry

so? go buy another for $2

Drew_V 0

#18 ftw!!!

so what?.... it's just a cord.

breenarae25 0

tea relaxes ur mind

Didnt the exact same thing hapen on the dpongebob movie?!?!?!?!

did I do it?

chocobunnyyumyum 0

i dont know. did you????

maybe because he's A dag thinking about Justin bieber...

I put a bomb at Justin's house, trying to help the world. And my sister took my money to buy his songs. Did it work? Is he dead?

necrofukker 0

u just suck. too bad u didn't get shocked

Tea is one of nature's most effective HIV possitve lepercaun repellants. So the only FML is now the OP is vulnerable to the little red-headed monsters.

crackiebob 0

but she likes my crank

says the bieber fan? I'd say you're the retard.

woohoo I'm first! and op I'm sorry my dad could help you ;)

sorry. 5 off. anti flood protection iz gay.

no your nawt. besides noone cares.

Brings a whole new meaning to " Don't knock it until you've tried it", huh? FYL

PurpleSquirrel 0

uncovered liquids?

mandiecait 0

Awww. Accidents happen! Sorry, OP

snickerdoodle needs a life ha