By dumbbass - 24/02/2010 19:43 - Canada

Today, I spilled a glass of iced tea all over my desk. It trickled down the wall and fried an extension cord. FML
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Awww. Accidents happen! Sorry, OP

uncovered liquids - as in water/juice/ice tea (in this case) in an uncovered container. That means it didn't have a lid, or a cap. So, when you knock it over, accidentally, it spills everywhere.


PurpleSquirrel 0

ydi for drinking tea at your desk

oops took too long writing my comment, so shut up people who are going to tell me I'm not first!

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what's wrong with tea? at least you didn't electrocute yourself.

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...and then, your house caught fire and you ran for your life... or something... no? nothing happened? well thanks for keeping us informed on your non-events.

Exactly an Extension cord cost about two too five dollars tops! No violins here for your stupidity!!!!!!!

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You stole the words right out of my ... comment box.

YDI for thinking a fried cord would fyl. now your life is reall f.ed.

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Didnt the exact same thing hapen on the dpongebob movie?!?!?!?!

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maybe because he's A dag thinking about Justin bieber...

I put a bomb at Justin's house, trying to help the world. And my sister took my money to buy his songs. Did it work? Is he dead?

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u just suck. too bad u didn't get shocked

Tea is one of nature's most effective HIV possitve lepercaun repellants. So the only FML is now the OP is vulnerable to the little red-headed monsters.

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says the bieber fan? I'd say you're the retard.

Brings a whole new meaning to " Don't knock it until you've tried it", huh? FYL

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Awww. Accidents happen! Sorry, OP