By Anonymous - 25/5/2020 20:00

Oh, hai!

Today, sleeping in a little late, I was woken up by my phone. Still tired, I quickly checked the display to realize it's my girlfriend calling. I pick up the phone saying, "Hey baby girl!" She seemed pretty startled, so I double-checked and realized it was my new boss, who has the name as my girlfriend. FML
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  Sady_Ct  |  37

It wasn’t a text... he was answering a phone call

By  rotflqtms_  |  18

All my contacts have last namea... my family members have First Last and Middle names. Everyone hates seeing themselves in my phone book, but I never have to worry about making that mistake. I'mf I dont know their last names, I name them by where I know them from. like boss, bio, etc. My mom is the only one who doesnt have her middle name in it...only because I want to tell my phone to call mom and it recognizes middle names so I put Mom as her middle name, Haha.

now, I'm not saying to go that far, but you can add "Boss" or something as your boss' last name and leave all your personal contacts alone. You can also get a pic of your girlfriend so her face pops up when she calls and when you call her.