By xX-SaD-FaCe-Xx - 24/11/2009 10:04 - Singapore

Today, the woman I love told me she cared about me and didn't like me hurting myself. She then posted a picture of herself making-out with her new boyfriend. FML
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So she should not be happy just so that you will stop hurting yourself. Grow up emo kid.

Does she even KNOW you love her? That's kind of a prerequisite for getting love back...


So she should not be happy just so that you will stop hurting yourself. Grow up emo kid.

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and mee too lol.. damn... well i guess it sucks for you

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Omg me too! Yes I finally fit in on FML!

she meantshe cared about you as a friend, dumbass

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Wow same here and #53 seriously? You only take that offense because you lack intelligence. The word "emo" has been around longer than you have been alive. Only recently has it become part of "fashion" or even recognized as a clic in hs. Emo is short for emotional (obviously) the guy is being emotional with the statement because he cant get over the fact that she doesn't love him back and is with a guy that is not him besides from the looks of your pic an your name, even "emo" as it is known today is not you. Get over it. Grow up. And as you say shut the **** up.

It disappoints me that FML, in majority, seems to be stacking entirely against people harming themselves and doesn't have any idea what they're talking about. I've known more "emo" kids than I'd assume any of these people do, and I can tell you that a lot of them actually have to go through a whole lot of hell in their lives. And self-harm is a legitimate addiction that can become nearly impossible to quit without rehab. So, no, they can't just "grow up" Learn some humanity.

Hey 67- I appreciate your comment,and your picture of Squidgy. I don't know how many people recognize it so there ya go :3 I too am an OM&M fan. Many thumbs for you.

67, I agree with you. Besides, not all 'emo' people self harm, and not all self harmers are 'emo' people.

Oh, and 62, the word 'emo' has several different contexts, and the context that 1 said it in was obviously a rude stereotype. Just to clarify, emo can mean emotive hardcore, be a stereotype, or it can be an abbreviation of emotion.

Does she even KNOW you love her? That's kind of a prerequisite for getting love back...

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Same here friend, she loves me but keep hurting me. Except I don't hurt myself... Good luck OP.

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awww sweetie, you're a friend, she cares about you as a friend, but lets be serious, probably not as anything more. And come on she's happy to have a new bf, can you blame her for posting pics, its not fair that she should have to stop having a life (and like most people, posting it on social forums) just for you. If you love her, be happy that she is happy, even if it sucks. And what do you mean didn't like you hurting yourself??

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Wait ... are you in an actual relationship with this woman? If you aren't and she DOESN'T know you love her, then YDI, buddy. Man up.

My guess is that she doesn't even think of you in a romantic way. She thinks of you as a friend. Since you said "the woman I love" and not "girlfriend" or "wife", I'm going to go ahead and guess that you "love" her and that she doesn't even know you feel that way about her because you're too pussy to tell her. She posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend, her boyfriend she probably DOES think about romantically (given that they were making out, I'd say that much is obvious). And you got butthurt because she's told you she cares about you (obviously as a FRIEND), and then posted a picture of herself and the person she considers MORE than a friend. Let me bring in a bit of Yoda... Over it, you must get. One thing I will say, though: she's a bit low-class for posting a picture of her playing tonsil hockey. That's...pretty gross. People need to keep their private lives private, not plaster said private lives all over the internet. No one wants to see face-munching.

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unless it's 2 chicks, cause that's hot...

IMO, only if it's in a porno. If a lesbian couple wants to munch face in public, I find it as disgusting as if a straight couple or two gay men were doing it. **** is one thing. It's meant to be sexual. But two people actually so self-absorbed as to flaunt their sexual habits to everyone else around them, thinking said people WANT to know how good their gag reflex really is? That's just...ewwwwww.

It's probably not full-on makeout pics, just some cute cuddly kissy ones that a lot of new couples like to do, because they're so happy & cosy. OP is butthurt.

I'm disappointed that isn't an actual site =(

Be like Taylor Swift and write a song about it.

Quit being so emo. I hate it when people think that no one around them should be happy because THEY aren't. That's just stupid.

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stfu, offensive really? "omg stop being so emo" everyone handles their promblems in different ways. who cares if he's emo, I am too. soo just shut yer mouth please and thanks(:

54- stfu, kay?(: deal with the stereotypes. thanks(:

54- I'm all for people being themselves, but... 1. Hurting yourself because you have a problem is wrong in the first place. It's not a solution, it's not dealing with the problem, it's hurting yourself. End of story. 2. People are going to say horribly offensive things to you and about you all your life kid. It happens to everybody. Get used to it. 3. Is "emo" really how you identify yourself? Do you really need to label yourself to describe who you are? More importantly, do you realize what "emo" means?

63, Okay, I agreed with you for the most part. But, one thing that you need to realize is that self-harm is a mental disorder, as well as the side effects of other mental disorders. Plus, getting injured (for many people) causes your body to release pleasant pheromones into the brain as a response to your nerves. These pheromones have the same high effect as opioids. So yes, in a way it can be a coping mechanism, just like getting high/drunk can. It's not the healthiest way, but it still is a way.

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You DO realize, emo is a term for emotional? It's been around for years and years and just recently, like most words in today's society been labeled differently.

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Emooo. Just because she cares about you doesn't make any difference to her relationship with her bf.