By Anonymous - United States - Overland Park
Today, at my daughter's fundraiser, I noticed that a guy with a face only a fist could love kept staring at her. I said "Beautiful, isn't she?" Before I could tell him to keep it in his damned pants, he replied "Hah. She's my girlfriend, dude. Total beast in the sack." Complete news to me on both counts. FML
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  psmith78332  |  13

He damn sure would have met mine intimately. My daughter had a guy say that to me about her once but she overheard him and laid him out with one punch and told him she didn't even know him. He was pretty embarrassed in front of a large crowd at a concert.

  Recon13x  |  9

No way the punch is justified. Violence isn't cool, especially for him just saying something stupid.
Plus, reverse those genders and I bet people will be singing a different tune.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Not to mention that maybe the daughter would be more open with her dad if he weren't such a judgmental prick.

  camogirl2249  |  19

Or that the guy probably isn't the best guy to be in a relationship with. To me it doesn't seem like he respects her much!! I wouldn't want to be talked about like that by my boyfriend!

  minissaussette  |  25

The way I see it there are 2 ways around it.
Either the guy has a crush on your daughter but nothing else happened and he freaked out when you said that she was beautiful. You must be way older than him and maybe he thought his only chance was to "scare you off".
Or they're actually together but unless your daughter's 12, I would advise you very strongly not to come off as too disapproving. My dad tried everything to make me break up with my high school sweetheart, it was a living hell, my relationship to my dad really went south and my so and I broke up when we were ready, a few months after he gave up trying.
As a lot of people said, if she's old enough to have a fundraiser, she's old enough to date whoever she wants and do whatever she wants with them. In any case she will probably want to know about that but try to be very open-minded about the whole thing.

  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

I guess the girl will have to just learn the hard way and teach herself that she deserves respect and care, after this guy uses her for sex, disrespects her and hurts her confidence. It's a red flag and if a guy I was interested in said that to my Dad when I was a teenager, I'd sure hope my Dad would sit me down about it. (Having sex is not wrong's the judgment of who you're doing it with, that comes with the responsibility of being sexually active)

By  Schmavid64  |  13

Talk to her about being honest and don't get mad. Worst thing you can do as a dad is show that you dislike him or ask her not to see him anymore. That could just turn her rebellious and make her less likely to admit things to you in the future. Also I suppose if you haven't already then it's seriously time for the safe sex talk.