By AlonsoKold - 07/04/2014 23:39 - United States - Jackson

Today, my girlfriend threatened to break up with me because I don't like her Facebook statuses enough. FML
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Set your relationship status to single.

Does your girlfriend happen to be a 5 year old?


Set your relationship status to single.

Exactly,#1. If OPs girlfriend isn't mature enough to get over the amount of likes he gives her, she's not mature enough to date either

ThatOneGuy719 16

Wow, what kind of person gets mad over that hahaha. I would hate to see how she reacts to a slightly more serious problem.

No one uses Facebook no more Instagram took over.

#24, Instagram is basically Twitter, for those who cannot read.

Facebook owns Instagram sooooo welcome to Facebook... They both suck.

daisylokes 16

I doubt she was serious about breaking up with you, plus over something stupid like that? chill out bro, she's probably on her bloody Mary, lmao xXx

nurchok 15

... and see how she would "like" that :)

wait until she trips over nothing. bitches always be trippin over nothing

Does your girlfriend happen to be a 5 year old?

Then she would dump him for not holding her hand on the playground.

Jessj958 19

Are you Stan? And is she Wendy?

I'll tell you right now that she might be overly protective and self consciousness. Get out of there while you can

Honestly, it is a really easy fix. She's self conscious and liking her statuses will make her feel better about herself, with little to no cost to you. Definitely not worth breaking up over.

#32 - what if I tell you, it's just the tip of the iceberg?

iLike2Teabag 27

Is she one of those people that get mad and take down their Instagram photo when they don't get enough likes?

Drop Facebook...or start liking...or just leave her she seems a bit excessive

If it was a legitimate threat then yeah I'd say break up with her, but I'm not sure. Maybe she was just joking though, but quitting Facebook solves everything lol.

wildcats909 9

Well... At least you didn't 'like' your own statuses too much.