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Also - did she really clutch his hand so hard that he couldn't shake her off, or did he not even try because he was too scared of offending her? Sitting in moving car is really not the time to be concerned about your girlfriend's sensitivities. There are other people on the road that could've seriously gotten hurt in that accident. Next time someone keeps you from driving safely, pull over and tell them to cut it off immediately.

  salvorican  |  24

YDI OP. You really could've just pushed her hand away when you needed to shift. My boyfriends done it several times and I survived with an apology. You were the one driving and you should've had control over the situation.

  strike2867  |  13

I don't understand why. I drive a stick and hold hands with my girlfriend all the time. You put your hand on top of the shift knob and she puts her hand on top of yours. Been doing it for 6+ years without any issues.


I'm with #68 on this one, My Wife and I have been holding hands while I drive my stick shift for years without incident. She knows when I need to change gears and sometimes has her hand over mine while I do.

Also, if failing to change gears caused OP to be rear ended then the person following was way too close and they are definitely at fault.

  mnchick2087  |  10

I drive stick as well, and that's how my boyfriend I do it or if we have linked fingers, I just take his hand with me and shift with both our hands around it.

By  will9823  |  7

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  EpicSquishii  |  21

Maybe you'd have a girlfriend if you didn't convey entire paragraphs with zero punctuation.

I'm imagining a conversation where someone talks with no pauses. Seems fucking exhausting.

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

35, it is. One of my friends talks the way 10 just typed. She just keep going until she starts turning red in the face from lack of oxygen intake. Talking with her becomes this strange mix of annoyance and fascination. We keep trying to tell her that she doesn't have to blurt everything out quickly with no pauses, but she's still skeptical about the whole idea of taking breaths between sentences.