By Armstrong - 18/04/2015 23:55 - United States - Brownsville

Today, I found out that the only reason my parents have been letting me hang out with my friends so late is so they can search my room for drugs. FML
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By Anonymous - 06/10/2022 10:00 - United Kingdom - Farnborough

Today, my parents searched my room because yesterday they found one of my friends vapes in my bag, which they made me return. Sadly, they found a box vape with 2 e-juices and gave me a talking to. So now, I'm never allowed out of the house until I'm 18 (I'm 14 right now) and I'm never allowed friends over. Also, they're really mean. FML
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poppunkette 22

Yet they don't realise you probably take the stash with you when you see your friends!

lol idk why I thought it's so they can have sex on every piece of furniture in the house


Plant some in your sisters room! Re-direct their attention.

Don't ever let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Greenteamextreme 16

*Trashes room* 'Damn it Ronda the drugs are here somewhere! Open the mattress!'

Mabey they wanted some but was too ashamed to ask.

don't do drugs then,unless you wanna die

I took some acetaminophen for a headache. Guess I'm gonna die.

i meant the bad drugs not medical drugs-_-

You heard it here first folks, not doing drugs is the long-kept secret to living eternally. If only I'd known.

#16 medical drugs can still be the 'bad' drugs because one can overdose on them & that can cause some bad side effects, such as death.

don't abuse drug.. that makes it correct?

#3 - Unrelated, I am like 73% sure that the pictures on your profile have the head photoshopped onto the body. The lighting and neck positioning straight up don't match.

#34, I see your point. However, it appears a light source (like a window) is on his right side hence his arms have unequal amounts of light as well...

I noticed the arm, but it's still slightly darker. It's probably just some weird photo effect that lightens the face, these selfie apps are ridiculous sometimes. By the way #3, if that's you, sick tats.

Excuse me,I'm not photoshopped and you don't have to mean

AtherSheep 15

That's because that's Andy Bersack. Or however his last name is spelled. He's some musician singer guy. If you watch one of omissions other channels like uhohbro. There's a video where he talks about Andy Bersack. So that picture the guy is using. Most likely isn't even him and just some person using the singers photo.

It's Andy Biersack from the band Black Veil Brides.

Who cares? Black Veil Brides suck anyways.

snarkytruth 37

My prescription medication made me 95%blind and still getting worse. Supposed to be a 1 in a million chance it would happen. Guess who won that lottery. Good drugs are bad drugs too. Kill your liver too.

And who don't trust their kid. That's a bad combination.

It's not that they don't trust their kids, sometimes the fear that parents have that something bad happens to their children overwhelm them. It's better to be hated than to be sorry.

Spoken like a true concerned mother, all be it with good looking legs.

There's a difference between caring and not trusting.

22 - it still is that they dont trust them, otherwise theyd ask op about it and if they said they didnt do drugs, theyed believe them. thats how trust works...

Cue Kitty and Red Forman's drug lectures with various hallucination activities commencing.

"Do you know what this stuff does to you, dumbass?" "It's very harmful to your body, and we just can't have that, hahahahaha" "You're so stupid that your brain won't even understand my foot in your ass" "Drugs are bad"

ndnpride88 25

Maybe ydi because you give them suspension that you may be on something.

He could just buy them new shock absorbers for the suspension. Maybe some tires if necessary.

ndnpride88 25

Yeah I did spell that wrong lol. Smart ass lol

If you got nothing to hide, don't stress! Plus hanging out with friends sounds fun! (If I had any...)

That's terrible. Unless it's becoming an issue, (assuming of course, that you do drugs) they should respect your privacy. If no drugs, try talking to them? I'm really open with my mom, so that is just what works for me. Good luck, OP.

Op, of your parents don't trust you not to do drugs, you should sit them down and talk to them, or take a drug test and prove your clean.