By Tamps - 13/02/2009 09:46 - United Kingdom

Today, I gave my girlfriend a new TV as a 10th anniversary present. She gave me a torch on a keyring. FML
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maybe she's pissed you haven't proposed.

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^Yay for stupid elitist assholes.


and you're not with me because...???? no i'm kidding. kinda. but NO, i am.

Well, on the bright side - at least you know she's less likely to be the type to blow you up if you ever forget an anniversary :P

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hah! maybe he's saying..10 years since first date..but not 10 years since wedding? lol. idk :[ i don't know how it works, i'm too young.

It says GIRLFRIEND, you colossal idiot.

Afterwards, it's a sign : She wants you to guide her...but obviously, you just want to watch some TV...

Also in Europe there is more tolerance for cheating, and in some cultures and countries it's accepted as a way of life. Let's the people get their rocks off and still have a stable relationship. Though, most divorces in America stem from finances. This is because women are more independent in America, whereas in Europe the male figure usually handles all of that stuff.

For one, maybe they haven't gotten married because they mutually agree they don't want to, freakshows. Now that that's out of the way, I still think you deserved it. My boyfriend and I *always* discuss a price range before gift holidays so this awkwardness and disappointment doesn't happen.

seriously....bad taste in gifts. last thing you ever want to get your girlfriend of 10 years is a nice TV. do you really want annother excuse for her to sit on the couch and get fat? on the other hand. its 10 years. she got you something useless...tho possibly necessary if you constantly stumble home late and can't find your keys. You got her something for yourself. Sounds like a rewarding relationship.

ahahaha omg a flashlight! i'm so glad someone cleared that up with a comment :)