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Today, my girlfriend saw my room for the first time and started yelling at me, calling me racist, white trash for having a Confederate flag hanging on my wall. It's a British flag. FML
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This happened actually two weeks or so ago I don't visit this site much so I didn't have a account previously. But today I visited it and decided to post this sense that was a FML moment I had with her and thought it would be funny to share. I did explain to her what it really was but argued with me for about 10 minutes that it was really a Confederate flag until I had to go on the internet and show her that it was really a British flag. I ended it with this girl for...various reasons.

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A British flag in the United States? No wonder she was furious!


This comment is perfect. It deserves way more up votes. It's probably getting down voted by people who use tumblr though because they can't admit how true it is.

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Your profile picture is perfect, #49

A British flag in the United States? No wonder she was furious!

I kinda feel like I saw a post about this on memedroid or 9gag or something a long time ago. I'm not acusing you of faking an fml I'm just always a little suspicious with these things.

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Does she not know Southern history? Racism was only part of the Civil War...It was fought mostly over states' rights.

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Actually, no. Racism is still a huge issue today and even more back then. And it wasn't only about political rights but also social rights.

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Look if she thinks the confederate flag is the British flag what makes you think she knows anything about the civil war.

"The Civil War was about State's rights" is only taught in the south.

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Well, it was about the states right to choose slavery. Also about the north undermining the southern states economic engine, huge unpaid labor force.

I live in Texas and I have never been told that. I was taught it was over things that revolved around slavery.

It was fought mostly over state rights because the North was putting import and export taxes on the south.

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Guys it was mainly fought over States rights, because the South needed the slaves to sustain their economy(hence the reason it was horrible after the war) because if you paid attention in class the slaves were the work force. With Slavery gone there wasn't anyone to tend to all the crops. The south was attempting to preserve the state's rights of self rule. Like the original thirteen colonies had before unity. hence the thirteen stars on the confederate flag.

Perhaps you should go back and read a history book from this decade. In the mid 1800's there was a divion in this country between slave states and non slave states. Now, slavery was legal everywhere but the state legislatures defined their state as one or the other. Abolitionist movements even tried to block the statehood of Texas, claiming they didn't want a 13th Slave State. John C. Calhoun, Former Vice President and Georgia State Senator, threatened civil war as early as 1830 should the federal government make a move toward abolition. Slavery was the basis of the southern economy, being that the south was primarily agricultural, and that agriculture was primarily cotton which was sold to northern and international textile companies. Without slave labor the south maintained that they could not afford to grow cotton and would become Dependant upon the north for subsidiaries and thus become subjugated to the richer more powerful northern states. The issue of states rights, which is what apologists teach as the reason for the civil war was really the states right to decide whether or not slavery would be legal. That was the MAIN DRIVING ISSUE behind the civil war. Read about it.

Came here for a laugh, left with a college education

I feel bad for you, but it's better to know now that's she's an airhead compared to later.

But it's ok to call Caucasians white people isn't it?

Well, you can't blame her for her stupidity. Most of them don't even recognize how wrong they're. Just explain it to her properly and then it should be fine!

Of course he can blame her for her stupidity. Ok, we can't know everything, but there are some things that people should be able to pick up on just by being alive. She lives in the US and has access to internet. There is no excuse for this kind of ignorance. But well, at least her intentions were good, even if she is ignorant.

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Kinda like how you didn't realize it when you put "they're" when you should've said they are??? Funny how that works huh?

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lol auto correct, corrected you, correcting her... funny how that works huh?

#69 it doesn't matter. They're and they are is the same thing

She is stupid.Not worth your time if she complains like that for pointless reasons

The confederate flag is not a racist symbol. Some idiot racists use it for that but for most southerners such as myself it's a symbol of freedom.

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The Confederate flag is a racist symbol because it represents the people who believed that slavery was good and "beneficial". It's not only a flag but a representation of a particular group of people's ideas.

Ideas that says States have the right to make their own rules without the government changing them to suit another state. Btw Robert E. Lee did not have any slaves but Ullysses S Grant did.

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Then what does that make the American flag? The South never imported slaves - that would be the Yankees, for 150 years. The Confederate flag never flew over a single slave ship. The American Union one did.

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Because the confederate battle flag was created shortly before the war and wouldn't have been used in the manner you describe

#18 -- That's like saying the swastika stands only for nazism and death, when it was only truly adopted for that purpose and actually means good being. A flag / symbol is just that; a flag or symbol. The meaning it has depends on the person who sees it and their feelings. If a black person sees the confederate flag, they might think slavery, where a southern white person might think freedom. If a Jewish person sees a swastika, they think of the nazis. If a Hindu sees it, they think of blessings and hope. Let's end this petty stigma around items. All you do by associating these items with those thoughts is carry on the hate and atrocities they represented. Don't forget the acts, but don't judge a symbol for a persons actions.