By Anonymous - 19/06/2014 14:33 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was feeling unappreciated and asked my boyfriend if he loves me. He faltered and replied, "Uh, my dick does." FML
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lakaiskate 12

He was only thinking with one head today

lil_miss_simran 15

That was rude of him


lil_miss_simran 15

That was rude of him

Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was or wasn't.

Dishonest guys are cheats, liars, and douches. Honest guys are jerks, inconsiderate, and asses. Is there a non-negative middle ground?

honest and dishonest are not binary when it comes to people's personalities. It's a spectrum with countless other factors thrown in

I guess a non-negative middle ground would be an honest person who actually loves you and isn't just using you for sex?

But I suppose when you fish for compliments like OP, you usually catch a person unawares and they can blurt out something stupid by accident.

If you're in a relationship and neither have said the I love you to each other then I don't think it would be smart to ask.. You're putting him on the spot. If he loves you eventually he'll say it without feeling pressured to do so. Also he might lie just to not hurt your feelings..which was not the case here.

thanks Dr Phil ^

lkfoster1 7

So accurate it hurts...

Not just rude but incredibly insensitive too. OP, if this continues and you still feel unappreciated then leave him and find someone who does.

What a DICK, anyone? No? Okay

@107 Nobody will laugh when you try that hard.

lakaiskate 12

He was only thinking with one head today

And OP don't have to worry. His upper one seems to be a non-functional one.

At least you know you are loved.

And doing a good job too lol

Demig0d6 14

Mine too

Respect101 17

Wow.... okay... thanks for the information..

He sounds like a dick.

What does a dick sound like? I wouldn't know, as mine isn't too talkative.

I agree, 20, mine just raises his head from time to time and waits to be acknowledged, but he never actually speaks.

@21, not touché you were making a pun and #20 didn't realize that. you win not him

#102 This may have gone over your head but he didn't misunderstand, he made a joke.

milky2321 14

honesty is the beast policy.

Beast policy? Maybe you should just start lying about your sexual preferences from now on, milky.

Welshite, please! He was merely suggesting that OP's boyfriend was giving into his primal side, honesty being him following his urge to reproduce.

that's why I don't like one sided relationship

jad0016 12

It's not one sided obviously she loves him and his dick loves her.

You're comment made me laugh

More of a love triangle. OP->OP's boyfriend->OP's boyfriend's dick->back to OP.

Well hopefuuly your "Ex" moves on

#9: Because ending the relationship is always the best answer. -.-

This sounds like a relationship to you? Shivers.

#27 Who said always eh?

mvc3ftw 17

#27 did.

You're Irish. You can still (obviously) say "eh". Just seems a little like "hmmm, Canadian or nah?".

#9 you'll learn about sex when you make it to middle school

VengeanceChicken 12

You aren't a piece of meat, you can do better.

she's lots of pieces of meat and fat and goop, but she can do waaaaay better

If you're feeling unappreciated, don't fish, say what you feel. You can avoid things like this, people. YDI

Your name fits your comment like a hand in a glove. Also, I agree. Men tend not to know what's on our own mind half of the time, why do so many women expect us to just know what's on theirs? Communication is key.

100% agree. Starting off a conversation the right way sets the tone and leaves no room for misunderstandings or unintended insensitivity.

stephhrunsaway 21

Exactly! I'm a woman, and I can't stand when other women fish for compliments. "Do you love me?" Such a dumb question. As soon as I saw that, I hit YDI. When people fish, I sometimes tell them the exact opposite of what they wanted to hear to fuck with them.

"I'm not like other women" hahahahhahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahabahaaha