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  LunaaBluee  |  27

If you're in a relationship and neither have said the I love you to each other then I don't think it would be smart to ask.. You're putting him on the spot. If he loves you eventually he'll say it without feeling pressured to do so. Also he might lie just to not hurt your feelings..which was not the case here.

  cakefete2  |  30

Your name fits your comment like a hand in a glove. Also, I agree. Men tend not to know what's on our own mind half of the time, why do so many women expect us to just know what's on theirs? Communication is key.

  stephhrunsaway  |  21

Exactly! I'm a woman, and I can't stand when other women fish for compliments. "Do you love me?" Such a dumb question. As soon as I saw that, I hit YDI. When people fish, I sometimes tell them the exact opposite of what they wanted to hear to fuck with them.