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  KatrinaKitten  |  16

Wait, wouldn't that mean she would've been cheating on her fiancé? You should tell the guy she's marrying, or maybe just come to the wedding and announce how she betrayed you.

By  xxlauruh  |  0

you should one up her and just get a chick pregnant.

  bingababe  |  16

Well she's obviously sleeping with this "new" guy and if they're getting married he doesn't know about OP.....she will either have to tell her fiancé the child isn't his, or they'll raise the child as theirs. Either way it would clearly be putting her the shit.

  DuRpY  |  5

"putting her the shit?" don't understand this aussie vernacular, but i love it! sidenote: since they're synonyms, would it still be syntactically correct to say, "i shit too much on this waste?"


Perhaps she's one of those crazy ladies that plan their marriage before the gentleman knows he's about to wed. She probably had her dress and vows prepared the day you two met. Congratulations sir. Perhaps.