By Eric - 13/05/2011 02:19

Today, I saw my dad chugging a beer in the garage. Why is that so bad? He was hosting an AA meeting in the basement. FML
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haha first time I read this I saw the word 'hugging'. personally I prefer that version of it.

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getting hammered before AA, oh what a great idea.


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getting hammered before AA, oh what a great idea.

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I'm sorry man. I know how horrible that can be, my mom is a recovering alcoholic as well. Try to hang in there, just offer your love and support. One day at a time. PS- Sorry to be so serious, I know fml is not the place for this but this is a very serious situation to me. :

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Just wondering, if OP's dad is hosting the AA meeting doesn't that mean he is the one giving council and that he probably doesn't have an alcohol problem? (don't flip shit if I'm wrong).

It was just a beer, I see improvement

#5, What does OP stand for? I've seen it many times on here in reference to the person that submitted the FML. Thank you (:

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lOl! I just jizzed my pants!

Beer still contains alcohol and you don't have to be drunk to be an alcoholic. Drinking in secret, no matter the quantity, isn't an improvement. Also, if you're curious as to what something stands for, Google would be much faster and more effective than asking on FML.

gruvychild, OP means outraged penguins

god hates quitters that's why he hates AA meetings

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Beer? I dont remember any beer last night.....Oh and last night? I dont remember anything from last night...

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We don't remember anything from last night, remember?

What would make FML have a lot less useless replies that ask what certain acronyms mean is to have a reference list. I swear, every two days it's another question asking "What does OP mean?" It's obviously Oreo Piñata.


alcohol kills marijuana doesn't

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"Im not drunk man. Geez this mess is a place" xD

62-- In that case, I'd rather be dead than live as a dumb fucktard who thinks he's cool or better just because he smokes weed. Only losers smoke; real men drink !

#14, aa meetings are always hosted by other aa members. they just take turns.

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And what evidence do you have to support that claim?

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Why have an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the first place if it gives you a reason to get drunk beforehand? That's just straight up stupid.

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AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous. It is an international support group for recovering alcoholics.

AA is alcoholics anonymous.its a support group for recovering alcoholics.

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I was refering to Mr. Charlie Sheen opinion here. Alcohol is bad for your health, Mmmkey?

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isn't he a superstar?! lol

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that's great no one likes a quitter

At least it wasn't straight whiskey.

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it would def be a meeting to remember haha

If I was in his AA group, I'd kill him But seriously he's a bastard

haha first time I read this I saw the word 'hugging'. personally I prefer that version of it.

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Obviously, he's not ready to commit.