By bigdawg702 - 26/09/2009 05:34 - United States

Today, I told my girlfriend of 9 months that I was ready for marriage and start having kids. She hasn't called or texted me since. FML
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On your first date, did you rub her belly and say, "Soon, this will be plump with my seed"?

After 9 months, starting to have kids ? ... Not all girls are looking forward to that you know


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What a foolish girl! OP, are you from Vegas? I'm asking because of the 702 in your screenname. We must meet!

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I'm totally kidding of course. YDI

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OP: If you're wondering why she hates you...try to think of a better way to propose than through TEXTING. Dumbass

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how do you know he texted it? maybe he talked to her on the phone.

#64 - Lol, that's what I was gonna say...until I read your comment :(

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Reyo, I'm pretty sure the girl freaked the **** out. The OP didn't say he texted her. Dumbass

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Agree with 179. 9 months isn't long at all! Date for a couple years and then talk about it OP

I understand maybe you felt 9 months is a lot maybe for marriage but I wouldn't want a baby with a guy after 9 months

After 9 months, starting to have kids ? ... Not all girls are looking forward to that you know

even if she is, 9 months is a bit early in the relationship to be saying you're ready for marriage and a family.

Yeah, I mean Jesus, nine months? I wouldn't even start thinking about marriage until at least like 4 years, and definitely not propose till after you're living together. (Which it seems you're not)

That's scary...after 9 months that's alot to ask of someone.

Meh, it all depends on the people in the relationship after all. After dating my current girlfriend for 2 months (though we've been close friends for almost 9 years) she said that if I proposed to her she'd probably say yes-- and that didn't bother or scare me at all. So, really I think it all depends on people and circumstance.

#2 Yeah. ^^; Especially since apparently he never even asked her how she felt about such things or if she had such plans for her future. He just informed her that he was ready to start the breeding, as in, she'd better get on with it. I understand her reaction. Anyone with a brain would do the same, or laugh and ask if he's joking. A couple = 2 people and their decisions taken together, not one guy and his incubating machine.

He probably was trying to show her he was committed to the relationship but it didn't work out in his best interest.

I got engaged to my boyfriend after 6 months, but I've known him for years. We don't live together, but regardless we love each other.

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being ready and being willing aren't the same, you guys.

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Maybe she's not ready? I mean it's only been 9 months since you started dating.

I agree! I've been with my boyfriend over 2 and a half years and im STILL not ready for any of that...

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And even if she were ready, you didn't have the balls to propose. Instead of making it about your love for her you made it about your own selfish needs. Not very attractive. YDI

Ya. 9 months is a little fast to start talking about stuff like that

On your first date, did you rub her belly and say, "Soon, this will be plump with my seed"?

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Ok...I wouldn't either if you said that to me after only 9 months O_o. Relax, the average lasting time for romantic love is only about 2 years. I say that someone should always wait more than 2 years to make sure that they're ready to CONSIDER those decisions. Then again, I'm 19. What do I know?

I'm 23 and even two years of relationship wouldn't be enough for me to consider marriage or kids O.o Also, there is enough time to ruin your life later - why so early? to the OP: You just dumped yourself. Congratulations...

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you sir are a moron. nine month is not enough time to know some one that well.

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I'd guess it was probably the kids thing that scared her off more than marriage. My husband and I started talking about getting married after about 9 months of dating, but we didn't actually get engaged for a while after that. if your gf is young (and I"m talking in her mid 20s or below, maybe even up to late 20s), thinking about having kids right now is probably not her idea of a good time. some girls that age are really ready to have kids, most of us are not. however, I don't know her, so maybe it was the way you told her, or maybe she's not ready to be married yet either. take it one step at a time, and use good communication, if she seemed skittish when you mentioned marriage, don't move on to the kids!

you shoulda held onto her waist and screamed "HAVE MY BABBIES" and NOT pulled out!

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LOL. Your comment reminded me of a funny FML similar to this.

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LOL... The "BE MY BABY'S DADDY!" one? :P

Yea but Beyoncé posted the best FML of all time

You probably scared the hell out of her, YDI.

That would've freaked me out ._." Too early.