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Today, my girlfriend of two years broke up with me because her father, who abandoned her before she was born and just reentered her life, doesn't approve. FML
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Maybe she's just trying to please him and showing that she's a good daughter? Still FYL for having a girlfriend that won't stand for you.

The dad doesn't even know his own daughter, let alone you...


Maybe she's just trying to please him and showing that she's a good daughter? Still FYL for having a girlfriend that won't stand for you.

She don'r want her dad too leave her again :(

Why does she have to prove she's a good daughter? He should be proving he's a good father. Which will never happen if he abandoned her before she was even 'alive'. He has no powers a father.

Chad is right she doesn't have to prove anything to him. he's the one that screwed up

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My dad abandoned my mom & me before I was born. If he were to come back into my life (assuming I'd accept it) & tell me to get rid of my boyfriend I'd tell him f*** you, he's done more for me than you ever have.

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I agree with Chad. The "father" needs to show he can actually be a dad and OP should of stood up for her boyfriend.

I'm guessing the father has lots of money and is showering the OP's gf with stuff.

85- yea either that or they bonded fast.... BWAHAHAHA!!1!!11! *wipes tear from eye* Ok, I'm just kidding.

#70: he left before you were born... according to your mother's version of events. there is 3 sides to every story. hers, his, and the actual truth. for instance. was it a love relationship, or just a hookup? did he even know your mother's last name?

No, the father can't just abandon her and come back and expect to be treated like a friend. It was probably just an excuse to dump you...

Tell her you don't approve him as a father..

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Your better off without her of she doesn't care that much

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90 - Is that even relevant? The point is that OP should have stood up for her boyfriend instead of ditching him for someone who hasn't been very kind or loving in the past. It's called loyalty.

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I completely agree, if he had no hand in raising you then he has no say in who you date.

Tell her she was ugly and you were going to dump her anyways.

Take it out on her? Great. Now she has an overprotective dad and self esteem issues to deal with.

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You're ugly and I was gonna break up with you also, 2. I saw you cheating on me so **** YOU BITCH!

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Yeah if you do that then youll just ruin the chance of getting back together with her. You never know.

OP's gf or now ex gf probably just used this as an excuse to break it off. Any reasonable person would tell the astranged father to f*** off... FYL op.

You are not going to get anywhere with THAT line. >_>

Not having your parent in your life can be pretty rough. So now that he is back perhaps she trying insure he stays by pleasing him. Sorry Op.

That's retarded my dad tried to come back and I told him to go **** himself. Maybe that's just because I'm male though.

Missing a parent is better than having a bad one.

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He is still her father. Not knowing the reasons why he wasn't around makes it tough to negate his position.

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Clearly you don't know what you're saying.

There is NO reason for a parent not to be a part of a child's life that is justified

Well actually, he could have been in jail and just got out. Making quite hard to see his child. But it's not specified so there's many different possibilities.

71- it clearly says abandoned. Not old poppa bear was thrown in the slammer and has now paraded back into ops life. Abandoned means he chose to walk out on the child

80, whose to say his ex-girlfriend wasn't lied to as a child about her father? Or she could have even lied to Op about her fathers absents. Like I said before, there are many different possibilities.

Ill agree theres many possibilities and but with out stretching and manipulating the story thats where they end

There is virtually -nothing- that justifies a father abandoning their child voluntarily before birth. So, this man deserves no respect or special treatment. He wants love and trust he has to ******* earn it.

#88: so you walk in on your GF bangin' another dude in your flat. you break up. 3 weeks later she tells you she's pregnant. do you stay? do you believe it's yours? or do you walk out until a paternity test can be administered?

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I think the father has a right to say if he wants to be involved with raising his own child, that's not fair for the mother to do that even if she doesn't want anything to do with the dad

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Glad I could prompt some spirited discussion. Obviously there are issues here... Btw, I speak from a position of knowledge and understanding - my mother lied about my dad leaving here for many years only to admit he knew nothing of me until I researched it. Let he whom is without sin cast the first stone eh?

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It's the mothers decision to raise the child alone??? Wow! Way to stuff fathers rights under the door. Read what you wrote... Do you really think a man has no decision as to be involved in his child's upbringing?? Wonder if most women think like you. Food for thought eh guys?

Well really her dad has no say because he doesn't even know you or his own daughter, but she probably loves him regardless and wants to make him happy so that he doesn't leave again. I'm sorry OP, you'll find someone new! Edit: someone beat me to it.

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This will show how moronic the bitch is. She probably wasn't worth your time if she left you for a man who abandoned her.

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Do you have any idea how hard it is when your dad who abandoned you comes back into your life? Stop being a heartless asshole.

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If the father abandoned her before he might do it again. Even if she only dis it to try and keep her father around she shouldn't let him pick and choose for her. He hardly knows her. FYL OP.

Trust me, it's hard growing up without a father. Once you Finally get what you've wanted for years, all you want to do is please them. FYL OP, but try to understand what she's been through all her life.