Fetishes come in all sizes

By unboned - 11/05/2016 17:30 - United States - Katy

Today, my boyfriend got a raging boner while looking around at a gun store. He hasn't had any sexual interest in me in months. FML
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Have you tried polishing his pistol once in a while?


Have you tried polishing his pistol once in a while?

can't decide if this is a pun or actual advice

Maybe you should have talk with him and tell him about your interest in your sexual desire..

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Here's another Texan confirmation.

As a Pennsylvanian I can confirm too that up here we all get them. Most likely Wyoming, Alaska and all your other redneck/country folk towns are

Yup. We get a raging boner in those stores


my entire family can confirm this.

Same thing happens to me at gun stores. I love my guns more than any girl I ever dated.

From YouTube, Happiness and Cyanide. /45glq7huJJc

Happiness and cyanide? ...... Shame on you, at least get the name correct

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You've probably been hanging out with the wrong girls then.

It sounds like if you'd like to see his package more often, you need to start packing

Maybe you know all you need to know to decide your next move.

In all seriousness, his dick might fit in a ten bore...

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Ammosexualism is a real sexuality