By Jay - 02/08/2010 17:23 - United States

Today, I discovered our AOL billing information. Turns out we've been paying for dial-up via automatic bill paying that we thought we cancelled in 2000. $1,800 later, we called to cancel. Customer service congratulated us on being loyal members for over 13 years. FML
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Wow, fail. AOL should be changed to "LOL"

#1 How would you not notice the monthly billing deduction from your bank account? #2 Why do you even have AOL on your computer still?


Wow, fail. AOL should be changed to "LOL"

#1 How would you not notice the monthly billing deduction from your bank account? #2 Why do you even have AOL on your computer still?

it's funny cause you spent money and didn't know it

take it as a compliment ur a loyal person lmao it only cost u $1800 to have proof of ur loyalty fyl

that really sucks but you should've noticed something before.

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as soon as I saw AOL, I clicked YDI. Nothing else really matters here,

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18 he didn't spend money it was taken without his knowing.

YDI for discovering your AOL billing information. Because it turns out you've been paying it via automatic bill paying and you thought you cancelled it in 2000. $1,800 later you called and cancelled it, and customer service congratulated you on being a loyal customer for 13 years.

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only 1800 that's pretty good for 13 years of service

48- you have a firm grasp of the obvious. 

You mean 10 years. This isn't the year 2013. They have been a customer for 13 years, but only 10 of it was unbeknownst to them. $1800 / 10 years = $18 per year. That's still a good rate. Guess they got a good deal for being loyal. :D

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18 per year? That's 1.50 per month (in American money) the wonder OP didn't notice.

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****, is your response to #52?

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57- that sounds more reasonable. So $15 a month?

Yes it was, Kidd. And of course I do, Freeze! Oops. X[

You are as retarded as OP. AOL did what they were told to do.

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they probably had AOL since 1997 but "canceled" it in 2000. but still op fyl lol.

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replying to a few people here: the cancelledin 2000, that doesn't mean they've been a member since 2000, more likely 1997. secondly, AOL does suck but back pre millennium they were the best out there.

They thought it was CANCELLED in 2000, not that it was purchased in 2000. Most people got AOL around 1997.

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ydi for not carefully studying every monthly statement. I track mine on a spreadsheet.

There's clearly only one origin of this mishap Y2K!!!!

Sorry, I am baffled by this. What is AOL?

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47 is stupid. The money was taken without him knowing? All transactions have a paper trail and OP obviously didn't follow their finances very well. Although we do live in the US so I guess that's just normal to not read your bank statements??

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No it's $180 per year. That's $15 per month.

77: You don't know much about AOL, then. I had to call 4x when I unsubscribed many, many years ago. They kept "accidentally" giving me "complimentary" months to keep me around, and tried to resume automatic payments when the free months were over. It only stopped when I got a new debit card and didn't update my info. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that people like this OP have kept AOL in business. They're nearly as bad as Sprint.

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look at all the kids on here acting like they know what aol is.

AOL is known for scamming people and being unfair to customers. One guy had to spend two whole hours trying to get his service canceled. He even recorded the phone call. They made various attempts at getting him to continue using his service, but failed when the realization that they could be sued made itself apparent. After a few years, they sent him a bill for a thousand and some dollars, thinking they could get away with it, but ended up getting sued.

Dial up is speed dial for ur mothers phone

FYL for using AOL. One of big, evil companies still alive these days.

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AOHell did something similar to me, too. Robbers! FYL

YDI for allowing yourself to be victimized. People like you are such clueless victims.

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*victimiSed.... You clueless Nonce!

Actually, in the U.S., it is spelled "victimized." There are many spelling differences like that between the U.S. and the U.K.

That's what you get for using AOL. They never properly cancel accounts when they're supposed to.

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Dial up? How are you supposed to download **** with dial up?