By Anonymous - 16/10/2020 22:02 - United Kingdom

Dodged a bullet

Today, I met my girlfriend's parents. Her father looked me up and down, said, “No” then went back to his TV. My girlfriend immediately broke up with me and threw me out. I even had to get a really expensive taxi home, because we’d driven in her car and I had no idea what part of the city I was in. FML
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  kfchicken_fml  |  31

nah leaving him stranded outside is a shitty thing to do regardless of what he looks like. anyone who does that is a bad person, if you don't like him talk to her after sure.

  leximichelle  |  13

Considering that she immediately went along with the father with no questions or discussion means that she is way too dependent on her parents or is emotionally stunted. Another red flag for her personally is that she left him immediately stranded.

By  Grizz8831  |  13

you sound high schoolish in age... that means you are more or less are set up for failure... although you should have been quick to open with "Hello Sir, it's good to meet you. *insert known interest for bonding here*" and give a solid hand shake. sounds a bit outdated, but you are trying to show you have A) Manners. and B) enough effort invested to not seem like you are just aiming for zipper points.

By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Look, I don't care how much you disapprove of the guy your daughter brings home, there is never a good reason to just leave a a person stranded in a strange part of the city like that. What if OP didn't have enough money to pay for the taxi? Heck, at least he did so at least we know he isn't some broke-ass bum. Also, raising a daughter who would just do that to someone she professed to love just minutes before actually makes you a bad person in my book. If you really don't want your daughter to spend any more time with the guy then offer to take him home yourself. The fact is that inviting someone to your home puts you under a certain obligation to at least treat them with a certain level of human decency. I once dated a Daddy's Little girl and now I have a rule against ever subjecting myself to that shit again. The one I dated was a really selfish and inconsiderate person, it turned out in the end.