By timmynotjimmy - / Wednesday 28 October 2009 01:28 / Canada
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By  topramen  |  0

sign up for dick control classes....
it's like yoga and karate all in one.
it teaches you control and how to protect yourself.

from ranting girlfriends.

By  Superawesomestev  |  0

ydi for being a Nancy. she obviously likes men. next time, whip your hog leg out, make her finish you off, and then tell her to make you a sandwich. take control. don't be a jerk, be assertive.


And what exactly is traditionally manly about forcing someone to give you a blow job? Isn't having women do all the work while you sit there like a passive aggressive pussy like the opposite of what you wish you stood for? Also how exactly is sexually and emotionally abusing your loved on not being a jerk? Sounds like you trying a little to hard to come off as something youre not.

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