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  Today, I went to my girlfriend's and she was wearing some sexy lingerie. After making out passionately for 10 minutes, I started to undress myself, only to have her stop me, confessed that she still wasn't sexually attracted to me. FML
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  plexico  |  3



If head hair correlates with pubic hair in any way, giving head to Phil Spector would involve munching on a giant ball of fur and probably never coming remotely close to genitals.

  wow18  |  3

What she really means is that she doesn't find him attractive with his clothes off. She probably finds him hot/cute/handsome from the face but just not sexy or hot when it comes to his body, and therefore she can't have sex with him. I know lots of guys who're attractive from the face and i wouldn't mind making out with them but i wouldn't find them too hot with their clothes off. Simply because i can't have sex with a guy who's either too skinny or chubby at all.

OP, sucks to be you. Either meet her requirement or just call it off. Your gf is kind of stupid for staying with you if she doesn't find you attractive, unless she just has no interest in sex.

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

werzal, i think you need to learn the concept of trolls next. People who put "YDI for (insert random reason with no relevance)" are called trolls. It makes them feel cool when they say stuff like that because they have even less than a life than the rest of us on fml. Just give them a thumbs down and never EVER feed them...even though it's fun sometimes =)