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Sorry bro, but your sister did save you from a whore. It's her problem now. And that is kind of gross on your sisters side like... Thats your sloppy seconds. But just move on.

By  iRuth  |  0

Wow. At first when I read this I thought you said that your boyfriend left you for your sister (which I would understand) then I reread it and realized... it wasn't your girlfriend.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

It somehow seems like it's not worse when they leave you for the other sex.. You're not doing anything wrong, it's just their preference.
It's probably just as bad, but it's what it seems like.

Anyways, this is gonna be awkward at family reunions, eh? =)

  eb0ny  |  15

What do you mean "be thankful it wasn't her brother". How is it different. She cheated on him, it doesn't matter if it was with a girl.