By DAMMit - 27/07/2009 08:12 - Australia

Today, I decided I was going to dump my needy girlfriend. I was about to break the news when she stopped me. She showed me her new tattoo she had gotten. Our names, surrounded by a love heart spread across her back. She reckons I should get a matching one. FML
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damn that sucks but you know she really loves you don't be too harsh about the break up >


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damn that sucks but you know she really loves you don't be too harsh about the break up >

well yeah he shouldn't be harsh but he didn't ask her to get a tattoo. thats just straight up creepy. he needs to break up with her.

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Even if she is kind of needy, you shouldn't dump her! Not after an event like that... I personally would never dump my bf after an event like that!

So even if he was an awful SOB who beat you every night, you wouldn't dump him because he went out and got a tattoo of your guys' names?

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Sorry #91, but that's NOT the answer he needed. If he's going to break up with her, that's that. He shouldn't be condemned to stay with someone he doesn't love just because SHE jumped the gun.

no, he really needs to dump her. getting a tattoo like that is (a)stupid, and (b)further evidence of how psycho she is. it's her own fault for getting it, he shouldn't stay in a relationship that makes him unhappy just because she made a bad decision.

Yah....she obviously really likes you. Take that into consideration before breaking her heart. ]:

Tell her to maake you a sandwhich and get back to the kitchen and do what she was put on this planet for

Wow, your never gonna get a girlfriend are you.

If you don't dump them after a crazy stunt like that, WHEN???

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I'm sorry for pressing YDI, but twas because even if I feel sorry for you, I feel even more sorry for her. Poor thing. It's like #1 says.. she really loves you.

Uh, no. That's not love. That's an unhealthy psychotic obsession. She should go see a therapist.


i don't think you should brek it off or stay with her. turn into the worst boyfriend you can be overnight(minus any kind of assault, that's not cool) but just be that chauvanistic, mean jerk of a guy, but not in the way chicks like. constantly tell her to cook you something, boss her around, and always tell her that you're the man and that means that you make the descisions. hopefully, that'll be enough to make her break it off with you. then just go back to being the guy you are now, and find a chick to date who isnt a crazy person.

instead of breaking up with her for being needy he could just ask her to give him some space.

You're girlfriend's not normal if you were in any position to break up and she went and did that. FYL

Break her heart. She's not in love with you. She's obsessed with you. She needs to go see help. You absolutely NEVER get a tattoo of a your boyfriend/girlfriend. Even if you are married. The only time you would get a tattoo of someone's name is if you're BLOOD RELATED.

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I don't see the logic in that... It would make people assume incest

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So? SHE loves HIM but does that mean HE should be FORCED to stay with her? No.

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My husband got our children's name tattood, but not mine. We got tattoos that were symbolic of each other, but never ever names!!

Wow... name tattoos are horrible. Guess it shows she really loves you tho!

It shows she really loves him? I think it mostly shows how needy she is. I like how the story illustrates the OP's reason to dump her. I guess she learned a valuable lesson. Name tattoos are incredibly stupid.

Yeah, that's what we call 'needy.' Drop it like it's hot, dude.

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Lets just hope his name is "Mat". Then you might be able to sneak away with a "I love Mom" cover up.

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the chick is stupid and a pyscho for getting a name tattoo. think of it this way. today i got a tattoo of my and my boyfriend's name on it because i thought it would help are relationship that seemed to be weakening. he broke up with me before i could show him. thats a total YDI in my eyes. i feel bad for the dude, the chick is a nut.

Tattoos are NOT silly to begin with, douche. Your face is silly.

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Tattoos are fine, it's the persons choice if they want one or not. It is almost always a bad idea to get a tattoo of a boy/girlfriends name. You never know what's going to happen in the relationship, and like in this story, when it's over you're stuck with it. They're a bitch to get removed, and can be hard to cover, depending. So just don't do it. OP should go ahead and dump her, but try to be as nice as possible about it. It's not his fault she did that and he shouldn't have to stay with her.

Definitely. Even if they had been married for 20 years, this would be a stupid decision. A whole back tattoo of a BOYFRIEND's name? Did you meet this girl in the psych ward after your breakdown? What a lunatic

It's at times like these that I'm THRILLED that I'm gay, because there are some wacko girls out there, and fortunately I won't run the risk of ever dating any of them

On the other hand, some guys are insane too. Just hopefully not in the same way. The insanity of my gender is the primary reason I date straight. Heh.

#57 You could still date a crazy guy. Sorry to break it to you.

Yeah of course, but there are WAY less crazy guys than there are crazy girls so the odds favour me!

i think it would be appropriate to put in the song Roses by Outkast here.

run and run fast lol as #3 said psycho bitch

No, guys just complain about crazy girls more so they get more coverage. I'm sure there's a nutjob just waiting to collect samples of your hair. :)

yeah statistically 98% of rape perpetrators are male and I'd say that's just a little more psycho than getting a name tattoo..

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#90 - It's not because guys are more psycho that they rape more, it's because they tend to be physically stronger and more capable of such an attack. #61 - That's awesome. You rule.

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ya.. there are 'wacko' guys too

what, you're saying people rape others just because they're strong enough? Bullshit, anyone who would do that definitely has a few screws loose.

90, did you ever realize that males find it easier to rape, since they're the ones that have to be excited, and not the victim? I mean, if you're a woman, and your victim isn't interested, it's going to be slightly tricky to do a quick rapage. Also, face it, most men are not going to mind being 'raped' by a woman, as long as she's not too ugly or fat or skinny. Why do you think so many female teachers 'rape' their kids? The kid enjoys it and won't tell anyone; yet very few male teachers try it because they get ratted out immediately (not that I'm complaining; that's a good thing, male teachers should learn to keep away).

Lol yeah a girl trying to rape a guy would just not work. Plus why would she want to? She's not exactly going to ******.

115, you clearly don't understand much about rape if you think it's not possible for a female to rape a male. Rape is sex without consent. An erection is not consent, and can be achieved through the use of drugs (not just excitement). I should also point out that your example of female teachers raping their male students not being rape because they secretly want it is incorrect - young men can have erections through fear. Or, as I pointed out before, an erection IS NOT CONSENT. Even if the male did not have an erection at all, there are ways in which a woman can rape a man. You would still consider it rape if a man raped a woman with an object, so why would you not think it the same if a woman were to use one? It is your kind of ignorance that causes males to be so unwilling to report rape.

#61, wat? You don't date straight... because you're straight?

Examples of teachers raping students is more often than not classified as statutory rape - as in, having sex with an underage person, even if they were consenting.

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also an erection can happen without the consent of the "higher brain" consent. A body can become excited through kissing and stuff without the PERSON himself wanting to have sex. An a rapist gets off on forcing someone to have sex. It's usually that they are a serial rapist and they just like the aggression and force used in rape, or they want to have sex with a person so badly that they force them to. So yea, women can rape a man just as much as a man can rape a woman. But often times, because the male rape victim has to have an erection to be raped, they believe that they wanted it and that it's their own fault. So they don't come forward and they don't get as much public sympathy as a woman would.

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#111 - Nooo, I'm saying that men and women may both have the desire to rape in equal amount, but men have the greater ability. Nyabig - you clearly think entirely too much about the subject.

Agreed. I have met a fair few nut job males. Probably more crazy boyfriends than girlfriends actually.

plus plenty of "rapes" aren't really rapes... one of my friends got accused of raping this girl who -regretted- the one night stand even though she gave consent the whole way through... yeah took a while to sort that out o.O and it happens more often than you'd think

Tell her that you want to design your own tat. Then write on a piece of paper "Your dumped!" and show her your "design"

someone's jealous because they can't get a girlfriend.

your a fucktard just coz no girl will look your way


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Dump her anyway. Her own fault for for getting a tattoo of something that doesn't last forever.

I don't think that's love. more like pure unmitigated crazy. RUN! RUN fast don't look back don't feel bad just get the he'll away.

you shoulda seen that one coming and dumped her sooner. ydi

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Agreed. You put yourself in the relationship, you should have known if she was a needy person. YDI.

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Dude. The whole REASON to date someone is to get to know them better. He dated her, and now he knows her really well. It's not his fault she turned out the way she did.