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Today, I was about to break up with my psycho girlfriend. As I sat her down, she told me she wanted to show me something. She then took off her shirt to reveal my name tattooed across her chest. FML
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That's going to be an awkward one to explain to her next forest run!

mbusey 20

Good thing you can still break up with her.


That's going to be an awkward one to explain to her next forest run!

Roskosity 22

Psycho... Go through with the break up.

Have'nt we had enough FML's tp prove even family isn't always there?

OhDearBetrayal 25

33- No matter what your family does you'll still have a blood bond.

Inciter 33

Tattooing your significant other's name on you is always a bad idea. You can still break up with her, you know. She'll just feel like a dumbass for having her ex's name on her chest. It's not your problem, it's hers.

50 Just because you are blood related doesn't mean you can't be disowned, excommunicated or anything else like that...

I agree #11, especially in such a visible place!

twaumat 28

35. she wasn't, she's psycho!

im surprised that no one pointed out #1's misspelling of Forrest

Life is like a box a chocolates ya never know what your gunna get...i guess this box really screwed him over haha

I guess I'm the only one that finds this FML sweet and kind of hot?

#97 She probably used the OED version

Ha don't get family tattooed either because they arnt always there for you an example my sister !!!!!

Just because there is a blood bond doesn't make them family I consider the people who actually took care of me as family rather than the blood family who treated me like shit

mbusey 20

Good thing you can still break up with her.

I'm surprised he made it out of the house. +100 to Endurance.

Courage required to complete break-up: over 9000.

Success4444 12

At least she'll have something to remember you by!

groovycrazyjoe 18

If I were you I will tell her I'm gay seems like she one of those I can't live with out you type people

89- although I don't really like your comment, I will thank you for properly using the subjunctive.

Did the name happen to read "Screwed"?

Omg.. overly attached girlfriend.. she's back.. D:

OP's door is probably a fine piece of carpentry, but what is he going to do about his psycho girlfriend?

OP is trying to break up with his girlfriend, not break up his door.

In this case, sacrifices must be made.

I always knew that this would happen. I'll put on the Druid outfit and retrieve the appropriate number of maidens for this.

OP: " Knock knock!" Psycho girl: " Who's there?" OP: * SLAM* " THE DOOR!"

Tell her, "Baby there are many guys who share the same name as mine... It's fine". That's your best bet

Then she'd have to specifically look for another guy with Ops name, to justify that response.

That should make it easier... not harder.

I agree. That alone would have been breakup incentive for me.

Easier? Now she would be a fuckload more physco if he broke it off..

BlueFlatts 20

Nah, now you just got to find another psycho with the same name as yourself. Although 2 psycho's together does sound pretty scary.

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You're a monster!!! No, I'm not the monster here, YOU are!!!

At least it's not her name on your chest.

RedPillSucks 31

Wait till he wakes up the next morning with a numbing pain on his chest and a ring superglued on his finger.