By concernedson - 12/09/2010 11:34 - Australia

Today, while my mom was out, my family agreed upon the assumption that she has a "shopping problem." I argued against it for quite a while, until she pulled up minutes later with a what seemed like a life-time supply of canned condensed milk. FML
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I wonder what else she bought in the past to get labelled with a "shopping problem".

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Well, at least while you're in the poor house, you will have condensed milk.


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you'll be glad you have it in 2012

no one cares if your first, and YDI for being stubborn

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Who the hell told you, you were a prince?

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ok I'm sorry, I must have missed something. where here is your life screwed? because mom bought a bunch of condensed milk?? this sites going downhill.

65 ever watch Hoarders? or Hoarders:Buried Alive? look for the OP on one of those shows and laugh at the mom who has 5000 cans of expired food an won't throw it out, and the living room is piled 6' high with trash and Wal-Mart sale stuff...

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Today, my mom made sure I had enough calcium, FML.

So ******* wat? FYL because your mom bought a bunch of milk? Wow. You need to realize that's nothing to complain about

acceptance is the first step to recovery

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hey know you won't run out of condenced milk (;

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Well, at least while you're in the poor house, you will have condensed milk.

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Haha, that's funny. Wonder what she's making. Flan?

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@ least you will have lots of sweet milk OP...

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You would go through the trouble of pressing "shift" and "5" when you could just press "a" and "t"? wow. And yes, I do like going through all this trouble mentioning it out because it annoys me and I have yet to understand how and where are you saving time in doing so? phew.

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Well now you know she has a problem!