By ktinanic - 30/12/2011 17:27 - United States

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me, severing all forms of communication but one: Words With Friends. FML
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You should make all your words insulting :)

Same thing happened to my friend, except after a couple of turns he resigned with "what's the point of playing words with friends if we're not friends?"


It happens, I'm sure you'll move on :)

BarDownDaily 12

He sounds like an ass anyway

Words with Friends with Benefits, perhaps ;) ?

Who wants unicorn crack? Very good for the sinus' it's home maaaaadeeeeee

nixter5 18

As I was reading this FML, I had a notification that it was my move in a game I was playing. Yeah, I have no life.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

31- bravo. gotta give you props for that one

D u c h e b a g i M

That must have taken forever to do.

Good try 65.. But mr misfit has you beat by about 237 points!

I wush I cuold plai thut gaim

iDaniel525 8

You need to learn how to spell first, 91.

Why are so many people reading this as "he broke up with me over words with friends"?

Actually it doesn't. If it said "BY severing all forms of communication but one" that would make sense. Currently it just suggests they broke up and he cut her out of his life except to play Words with Friends.

You should make all your words insulting :)

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Can I trade my words in for physical harm?

How's it going?

I played ***** and **** against someone before

Mak007 13

71-you can message on an iPhone/iPod. Have to be on a board in the app and in the top right there is a chat button.

53- cool picture, asshole. you're going to murder some birds with that finger.

crazyj1270 4

Haha yep

Wow bitch!!!! No OP that's sad.... But to artard up ther.. Lol yea for powitica icowectness :)

iDaniel525 8


BASTARD - 56 points.

52- just like you can't spell slaughter without laughter!

Insomniasenemy 6

I agree all the way!!

Your next word should be 'Loser'

How about Fuckyou.

GoW_Chick 14

21- I had to read your post a few times for my dumbass to finally get it

66- that would not count because words must be spelled with letters in the correct order. Not quite the same rules as word searches but close..

I would come up with something a bit more harsh than loser. Urban dictionary would be quite useful.

Sorry bout that :(. But hey, words with friends is a pretty fun game

What the **** is that supposed to say? No triple word or letter tiles over there..

Guys like that aren't worth being with anyway, you'll look back one day and be glad it ended before it went too far. And one day (hopefully) he will grow up.

I dont understand why one thing somebody does makes them "not worth it" and should be shunned out of the reproductive world. Maybe hes being a dumbass or selfish or had a bad day. But theres a whole life the person had that your judging through somebody else's word.

...Guys who break up with people aren't worth being with? Oh dear. You're pretty much ****** then aren't you?

Same thing happened to my friend, except after a couple of turns he resigned with "what's the point of playing words with friends if we're not friends?"

crystalpanda321 0

Omg exact thing happened today! I wish it was my turn do I could resign I'm him!! Jerk

Indigo14 6

Don't lose sleep over it, go out and find someone better! :)

Rddvl 11

They should have words with ex's or something like that.

That sounds like a great idea.

Words With Enemies?

That's where you have a full arsenal concealed upon your person as you play.

iDaniel525 8

Game over.