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  downtime  |  12

Actually it doesn't. If it said "BY severing all forms of communication but one" that would make sense. Currently it just suggests they broke up and he cut her out of his life except to play Words with Friends.

  graham11  |  14

66- that would not count because words must be spelled with letters in the correct order. Not quite the same rules as word searches but close..

By  EllyMo  |  15

Guys like that aren't worth being with anyway, you'll look back one day and be glad it ended before it went too far.
And one day (hopefully) he will grow up.


I dont understand why one thing somebody does makes them "not worth it" and should be shunned out of the reproductive world. Maybe hes being a dumbass or selfish or had a bad day. But theres a whole life the person had that your judging through somebody else's word.