By rimjob - 20/02/2010 10:36 - United States

Today, my dog barked for 30 minutes with me yelling for him to shut up. Guess that's how long it takes someone to steal the rims from my truck. Good dog. FML
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Astraea 0

Haha totally ydi!! Try to respect him next time :P


Astraea 0

Haha totally ydi!! Try to respect him next time :P

Averizzle 0

The dog was trying to tell you your rims were being stolen :D

because what animal doesn't shut up when a hysterical woman yells at it for half an hour . ydi for having a dog and not knowing the first thing about how to control it.

What would you assume OP is a woman? How many chicks do you know that own trucks?

theian01 3

Actually, a lot of chicks like trucks. And when chicks like something... Well, you should see where I'm going with it...

This is most definitely a guy. He calls himself rimjob. No woman would do that :P

true dat I was wrong. Unless she's a lesbian named Butch.

tweetbaby14 18

maybe your dog was trying to warn you that something bad was happening kinda like lassie

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YDI!! for not checking wats wrong. 30 minutes? when my dog barks for a whole minute I go check it out.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

I own a truck cars can suck it. 2006 ford f350 powerstroke, diesle... 8 inch lift XD it's beautiful!!!!!!!

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ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha u ******* douche ahahahaha u totally ******* deserved it u fucktard

amazinggbaby 2

No one cares about the details of your stupid truck

I'm a girl with a truck. OP, YDI for ignoring your dog. Why do people even get dogs if they don't know what to do with them? What dog barks for that long for no reason? Little Timmy would've known what the problem was. "What's that, girl? Someone's stealing my rims? WTF does that mean?"

why do you even have a dog if your not going to listen to it

Women have jobs? In the kitchen you say? They work from home? Ohhhhh...

I'm free to laugh at you both when... uh... hmm... I should probably start trying to resist that urge to comment on things.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

You: Whats that scruffi timmy fell down the well Dog: No Your Trucks Rims Are Getting Jacked you: old man peters barn got on fire Dog: if ur rims get stolen its not my problem

#112 made my day.. Kinda like Brian and Peter in Family Guy.. hahaha.. and OP: hahaha, What were you doing for 30 minutes? Were you trying to jack off, and the dog's bark was distracting you? Why didn't you go out and check on him, instead of yelling like the fat, loud-mouthed redneck that you probably are? And lastly, is your dog a guard-dog? (P.S. I hope you apologised to your dog for 30 minutes, for ever having doubted him.. He tried to do you a favour today, and you acted stupid.. YDI for ever buying an animal, putting it in your yard, and waiting out the years 'til he dies.. Then looking for comfort, because your beloved pet just comitted suicide..)

RusselFaraday 0

sometimes dogs are just yappy. my dog barks at EVERYTHING. I can't take her seriously anymore. it's not your fault.

upsidedownfrownn 5

Not only do they make sandviches, they're also handy for an excuse not to drive!

jackal181 7

YDI for having rims worth stealing, spend your money in something worthwhile....

Hanban 0

Dogs are loyal to their owners. Why, is that omitted in the dog manual now?

TrekkieGirl 0

Unless your dog barks all the time for no good reason, YDI for not getting off your butt to go and check and make sure everything was ok. Lesson learned!

Pff. YDI. Yelling at a dog only encourages it to continue barking, anyway.

I know, I'm amazed at how many people just yell at their dogs when they bark. To get them to stop you just stay quiet and pat them and thank them for alerting you and then go back to being unconcerned. They will quiet down knowing they've done their job.

good dog but BAD OP!!! :D i couldn't resist.

nates0210 0

you fail. respect the puppy son.

anonmc 0

Major fail. Hope you learn to give the dog a bit more respect, OP.

he was probably trying to tell you that someone was stealing the rims off your truck.... just sayin'

lassie was just trynna help save the day. respect lassie next time.

crzyry 6

If Lassie had gone to OP when Timmy fell in the well then that boy would have never been found.

woooooooow..consider the circumstances next time! haha:)

tokintot07 0

agreeed with everyone who said YDI. usually when a dog that you own starts barking you see what's up.