By rj93 - 05/11/2011 13:43 - United Kingdom

Today, I learned if you dream you're having a piss, you most likely are having a piss. FML
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I think that this has happened to everyone once in their life.

it doesn't work that way when you dream about having sex :(


I think that this has happened to everyone once in their life.

Happened to me once as a kid, but the brain would learn after that not to pee for real while peeing in a dream. I do it plenty with no worries now, just gotta tell yourself before you sleep, don't pee. :P

Vasin_fml 15

How come that doesn't work for sex dreams?

"When you poop in your dreams, you poop for real" -Peter Griffin from Family Guy

at #39 last week i learned if you dream you are coming, you most likely are coming.

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U-U yep happene to me in 3rd grade

fthislyfe 22

It's weird cuz I dream of having a piss like a hundred times but I still feel the urge to piss and then I realize that it's a dreamy piss and I have to move my ass to the bathroom to have an actual piss.


I hate that, you pee and never get relieved in the dream until your body says **** it lol

xoconnie 8

yeah...crap happens. also, if u see a toilet in ur dream that is a warning sign soo next time WAKE UP! that is so embarressing by the way lol, hopefully you werent sleeping with anyone in the bed :X

Dun worry OP its even worse when you dream you're farting but in reality you're having diarrhea

Omg that happened to me before :O When i was a kid, but it does feel good ;) gotta admit that.

It still happens to me if I don't take a piss before bed

When I need to piss when I'm sleeping I get a boner until I wake up and can use the washroom. My body is brilliant! But my momma says I'm special.

bingababe 16

Happened to me when I was pregnant, with my husband sleeping beside me :-/ had to wake him up to change the bed, I lied and said I'd spilt my glass of water lol. He still has no idea what really happened!!!

Jammy01jams 2

I'll admit it online. I am 16 and this happened! Lol I don't have any issues. It only happened once and I had drank like 4 bottles of water beforehand. Oh god was it envbaressing. Piss before bed now. It felt super good btw.

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FML within an FML...this is almost as good as inception O.O

What you never woke up cumming? I have. Best dreams ever!

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it's happened to me. damn dreams! lmao

Weird... I've had so many dreams in wich i was peeing, but never wet my bed... I always wake up just in time.

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If this works . . . How come when people dream about winning the lottery it doesn't come true >:c

Ur supposed to use the numbers on the winning ticket in ur dream ^^

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39 your comment was so funny I put rofl instead of lol. U should be proud.

Especially when you start new sleeping meds.

it doesn't work that way when you dream about having sex :(

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Who needs sex when you can have amazing orgies in the bubblegum forest?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It seems when you dream about shit happening to you, it actually is, but when you dream about something wonderful, you wake up to a big steaming pile of disappointment.

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Yeah.. And at Tylenol island?

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"When You Poop In Your Dreams... You Poop For Real" -Peter From Family Guy :))

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Wet dreams do sometimes make one .... Finish well that's what I heard never had one mehself

Omfgitsmia 15

That happens to me atleast once a year.

Yeah, happens to me when i drink kryptonite. Kryptonite = (whisky+tequila+beer) YEAH!!!!!

That happened to me in the summer. My mom thought I was drunk.

Hahaha i hope ur not in highschool or something

Hahahaa, those Fatbooth pictures are hilarious!

HetaliaFreak 10

Unless you're at a friend's party and are showing a picture to a cute guy and he assumes it Fatbooth.....

LiveLaughFML 10

Imagine if Turd says "that's not Fatbooth" lol =)

Um i dont know about all you weirdos on fml but i dont piss the bed still sorry only people that piss themselves are old people,babies and piss lovers

I'm glad the same thing doesn't apply to when you're dreaming of raping somebody. The jailtime I would be serving...

I can't help it. My subconscious has a mind of its own!

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That's ****** disturbing but somehow still a Lil funny lol

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So you're the guy in my nightmares?

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I used to have dreams of running away from monsters, and then random doors would appear, and it was ALWAYS a bathroom. By the time I realized what was happening, it was always to late! -__-

CuteDumBlonde64 11

Don't worrie, it happens to the best of us in some point of our lives:(

Haha I remember when I was little that happened to me, then I blamed it on the dog... Haha, but it's ok OP, don't be embarrassed it happens to a lot of people. As you can tell in some of the comments.

OMG! Ur dog! So,ur young and in to dogs? ... ... ... Ok.

Umm no... I said that when I was little I had a dream like that and I peed the bed. I didn't want to get in trouble so I blamed the dog for peeing in the bed. I don't know wtf you got out of that comment. :/